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February 25 2010

It's Alexis Denisof's Birthday today. Like the title says it's Alexis' birthday, and I wish him a very happy 44th birthday.

Happy Brithday Alexis.
Yay, It's my birthday too! I'm very satisfied with my Whedon Bday connection.
Happy Birthday Alexis Denisof! Your portrayal of a politician was way too real!

(And Happy Birthday, CyclopticXander!)
Happy birthday Wesley!
Happy Birthday to the actor with the (arguably) best character arc of anyone on TV...ever! Have a great one, Alexis!!! : )
Ditto what mossome said. Happy Birthday!
Whoo, happy birthday Alexis!
Happy B-Day to the Rogue Demon Hunter from the Rogue Demon Hunter!!!

Hope to see a lot more of Alexis in 2010!
Hey! It's my birthday too! My friend shares a birthday with Hitler and Napoleon, but I didn't think I shared mine with anyone interesting. I stand corrected. -is pleased-
Happy b-day to my favorite Whedonesque actor!
Very Happy B'day to Alexis, who I worked with very, very briefly in 1989; outside Soest, The Netherlands on Murder Story!
Happy Birthday Alexis! :D
Happy Birthday! :)
Happy Birthday, Alexis! Hope the day is filled with friends, family, laughter, and love (not to mention cake!).
Hooray! Any excuse to post a link to this.
Hope you have a wonderful birthday! :)
Happy Birthday to Alexis, Cyclopticxander and wait for.....ME!

*shares cake with everyone*
Happy birthday to Alexis, and happy almost-first year of daddyhood! (I see Alyson posted that Satyana turned 11 months old yesterday.)
Happy birthday!
You are by far one of my favorite actors ever.
Thanks for saving me the trouble, Simon :). Happy Birthday to a fantastic (and younger-seeming than his years) actor - Alexis Denisof!
Happy birthday you amazing guy you! (and all of the whedonesque fans too!) You better spend it with the best wife one could have!
Happy birthday alexis and Cyclopticxander, i hope you have a great time and lots of friends around you
February seems to be a busy month for birthdays. Have a wonderful day, Alexis!
Yay :) Hope he's having a good birthday with Aly and...this screen is bad, but I think it says Satyana. Interesting name. Pretty but different.
Happy Birthday Alexis! Best wished to the man who portrayed my favorite character in the Whedonverse! :)
Wow!! Happy Birthday to Alexis and Me too!
We have so much in common, a former stiff upper lip glass wearing Brit who became a tough demon Akicker. Also we both have thing for Aly too!
Hope all you fellow 2-25ers had a great one! It does seem like half my friends and family have bdays right around this time,There must be some kind of romance in the air around late May.
Happy belated, Alexis Denisof!
Happy Birthday Alexis! Have a good one :)
Cycloptixander...yep, have loads of family with Birthdays within there last three days of Feb. Weird and freaky!
There must be some kind of romance in the air around late May.

Jonathan Coulton claims it's the First of May ;).

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