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February 25 2010 is having a sale on Fox DVDs. This includes several of our favorite Whedon shows.

I might add that Wonderfalls is also on sale there, but is some $7.00 less expensive at Amazon (if you don't gag too much shopping there). And are we ever going to get The Inside on DVD? It's been a long wait.
Tonya J, I think the days are gone when releasing The Inside would have made sense for FHE.
I'd jump on this if I didn't already own them all. PS - Wonderfalls is an amazing show, which also, sadly, ended too soon like multiple Whedon shows.
Silly, FHE; luckily I can watch those eps whenever I want.
Has there been any news about the Dollhouse Season Two/Complete Series DVD set?
Damon is a shirty smartypants who is making me jealous... :=)
Season 2 is coming. No official date set yet. News should be soonish.
I keep seeing Buffy seasons listed as repackaged. Has anyone bought one of these packages? I came to the Buffyverse waaay late in the game, and I want to build my collection, but this description seems strange. I'm really excited to see the discount though!
I assume (repackaged) refers to the newer much less foldy and much less breakable versions.
CellarDoor, go for the Chosen collection. It has new extras and everything.
You can get Buffy Season one packaged with Angel Season one for $17.89 at Sam's Club, along with Firefly for $18.97. Target has better deals than listed on that link, as well.
About a year ago, Buffy (and Angel) among other 20thC titles were repackaged into more eco friendly, cases that are very similar to Blu-ray packaging. Or what zeitgeist said. :)
Is that the third packaging of the Buffy and Angel DVDs then?
The Dollhouse s2 DVD has some cool stuff on it.
The third that I know of, Simon. I just think it is fabulous that it keeps selling well enough for people to bother.

Also, I'm very excited about the S2 Dollhouse DVD and especially the Blu-ray. :)

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