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February 25 2010

Dr. Horrible joins Glee club! E!'s Kristin confirms episode with Neil Patrick Harris is now being written.

As if Glee coming back could not be any sweeter.
I think I may cry with happiness.
Excellent news!
So, when's Glee coming back again?
Mid April I think.
New episodes return April 13th
I'm so excited now :)
Any idea if he'll be in Joss's episode?
NPH bears enough of a resemblance to Matt Morrison that he could play his brother.
I second that Matt Morrison resemblance. They even sound the same when they sing. It's creepy...
NPH and Jane Lynch. Oh yes!
I've got a serious addiction to Glee, mostly stemming from a schoolboy-like crush on Rachel Berry. I can't wait until the 2nd half of the season. Throwing Joss and NPH into the mix only makes it better, even if just for an episode.
Why is the universe insisting that I watch Glee?! I tried watching it a few times and didn't like it. But first Joss, and now NPH. Internally conflicted.
AAAH! Somewhere in the back of my mind, I always knew this was inevitable, but I tried not let let myself hope for it just in case. I didn't think I could actually be any more excited, but this has proved me wrong.
Why is the universe insisting that I watch Glee?!

We have nothing else new to talk about for the next few weeks. *sighs*
AMAZING. period. He is the like the most perfect choice there could possibly be to rock that show. He is soo Glee! Now, him being on the Whedon episode would be brilliant but one could only hope.

I also did not want to be on the Glee train but as soon as I watched it I was HOOKED. Those kids are so great! I can't wait for its return!
I used to think Enver Gjokai looked a little like Matthew Morrison. Or at least that hit me before NPH sort of looking like him did... Trying to use the transitive property I can't quite draw direct parallels between NPH and Enver so now I'm not sure I wasn't delusional in the first place.

But since that means NPH's script is just now being written does this mean there isn't the perfect storm of NPH and Whedon and Glee that we'd originally hoped for/been led to believe?
YES. Oh Fox, finally something has gone right. I cannot fraking wait. NPH + Lea Michele (Wendla!) + (Maybe) Joss= Stupentacular Episode of Television
I thought Joss directed his episode last week? Maybe I imagined a tweet from Mo.
I like that he gets to play funny and mean, that's what Glee does best.

Why is the universe insisting that I watch Glee?! I tried watching it a few times and didn't like it.

Try "Preggers" if you tried the early episodes but didn't make it that far in. The show's like 3 different takes on the Glee concept depending on which creator is doing more of the writing and directing at the time. I also liked "Throwdown" and "Wheels" a lot.
Let me get this straight. NPH AND 'Glee' AND Joss' directing? On one screen? I don't think the world can take this much awesome.
Yay! Double yay if Joss directs the episode with NPH in it! I can't wait to see his dynamic with the regular cast.

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