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February 25 2010

Happy Birthday Drew Goddard! He turns 35 today.

Fake Thomas Jefferson is easily the most underrated member of the Evil League of Evil.

Happy Birthday to The Ultimate Drew!!
I love Drew, he's one of my all time favorite Buffyverse writers! He writes great episodes and a lot of them are among my favorites, like 'Selfless'( I think he wrote that one) 'Dirty Girls', and 'Damage' to name a few. I love how he was a huge fan that got to become a writer and I wish him luck on all his future projects! Happy Birthday Drew!!!! I hope to maybe see you return to the Buffyverse once more in Season 9, or possibly something for Angel.
happy birthday, Drew Down!!
Happy Birthday Ultimate Drew. You are epic win.
Can't wait for Cabin In The Woods! Happy birthday Drew -- wow, so many people having birthdays.
Happy Birthday, Fake Thomas Jefferson! (And True Drew!)

ETA And possibly William the B, not quite sure whether it is. But I wish you 12 years of stunning productivity.

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Happy birthday! You're APPROXIMATELY 12 years older than me--will I, in APPROXIMATELY 12 years, have written for brilliant TV shows and written and/or directed two films? (Answer: UNLIKELY, sadly.)

[ edited by WilliamTheB on 2010-02-26 22:17 ]
Happy Birthday, Ultimate Drew!!
Happy Birthday! Thank you for participating in the Buffy Season Eight comic. Might take "Wolves at the Gate" off the shelf over the weekend.
No Pointy, I was merely rounding--but thank you regardless :) :).

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