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February 25 2010

"Priya's Painting" prints now available for pre-order. Goes for $180, and only 200 will be printed. Will ship first week of April. Measures 22 by 30 inches. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Los Angeles Children's hospital in tribute to Hunter Marlowe Voelker.

I've already emailed to find out shipping to Canada. Clearly this is a little more than tempting to me. I was trying to figure out how I would have fit the original in my house, but it was so very large. This is a much more manageable size.
I was kind of hoping they'd be selling the be honest, I think those are cooler/better.
I wish I could afford to order one, great cause!
I would seriously love to buy one - and to help out more than my tiny donation from before - but in these perilous economic times, I can't even shell out $180 for something that's not strictly necessary.

Having your own teensy little company has some lovely up sides, but scrambling for business and having to meet overheads (when all around me in downtown L.A. little fashion businesses are dying all around us) before I get to do any fun spending ain't one of 'em.

Didn't mean to moan out loud. Not buying one of these and not bidding on Dollhouse ephemera and Rossum-obilia has driven me buggy - me wants one of these.
In a similar financial situation QuoterGal, in terms of budgetary constraints, but I might justify it to myself thusly; My sister loves birds and she's an artist. I'm about to take a weekend vacation to her city to visit my long-distance dude, going by her place to drop off some stuff, Dollhouse Season 1's blu-ray set among the stuff. Hopefully she's into it enough to watch Season 2 (she's seen everything else of Joss', TV and film-wise), which'll hopefully come out late this Spring/early Summer. If she loves it (Season 2, or at the very least, "Belonging"), I'll gift her the limited edition print as a late B-day present. If she's not into it, maybe I'll get it back and maybe I'll keep it.

Worst case scenario--it's limited to 200. Some fan's gonna want it badly enough to at least make me my money back. Or, if in the future I'm doing okay for money and there's something happening in Toronto that's Whedon-related, charity-auction-wise, maybe I'll be feeling generous.

I can talk myself into just about any extraneous purchase.

Grrr, the payment process either doesn't like VISA at the moment, or doesn't like my Canadian VISA.

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So beautiful, I wish I could justify the spending.
I love it but I would only think of buying it if it had Priya's shadow on the left side. To me, that's what made it important to me.
I would buy this like a streaking shot of lightning if I had the extra bucks. Hopefully they won't sell out to give me a couple months cash buildup.
Yeah. I caved. This is just too pretty to pass up. What does it matter if the numbers beside my name are red or black, eh?
How much did the original end up selling for on ebay? Anyone know???
It says at the link: $6,900
*points at it* Come on was my Birthday yesterday!

Heh - okay...maybe I should try and paint it myself! That could be an interesting thing to do!
Wants! Hmmm. Wife's b-day comming up, she loved Pryia in DH. Could be a justifiable expense.
Has anyone received theirs yet? Just wondering, because I'm still waiting for mine, and haven't heard anything from the artist either.
I haven't received mine, in spite of paying for international postage plus insurance. I have left messages by both email and phone.
I keep poking this on Twitter hoping someone who can in turn poke the relevant powers that be will see it. Anyone heard anything?
I have emailed BigCartel, the company that hosts the store for the artist. They have emailed her and asked her to contact me; not heard back yet.
Have had an email from BigCartel requesting contact from other people who have not had orders filled.
FYI - I have had contact from the artist who has been very apologetic.

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