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November 11 2003

(SPOILER) Angel season 6 confirmed already? In between Kristin's usual spoilers for upcoming Angel episodes, she casually announces that next season is "already picked up".

Which is either a huge vote of confidence by the WB at this stage of the 2003/2004 season, or she's a bit confused about season 5 getting its full 22 episode run.

Could you please post the actuall quote? I would click on the link, but I don't want to see the spoilers. Thanks.
Thanks Simon!

I usually keep up with Kristin, but why would she disclose such important news in such a flippant manner? She knows enough about our world to realize this news is uber-huge, especially considering all the nail-biting that went on before the current season was given the green.

Just seems kinda odd.
Here you go:

"From professorchaos21: Angel season six?! Yes or no. Circle one. I love you.
Yes. Already picked up. And I love you, too.
I definitely think she's got 5 & 6 confused. A lot of the chat discussion revolved around shows that have been stopped for the year, like Tarzan vs. shows that have been picked up for a full run, like One Tree Hill and Angel. I don't think anybody knows anything about Season 6 yet.
Well part of the confusion may be that James Marsters at least (not sure about any of the others) has been signed for two full seasons, 5 and 6. That doesn't necessarily mean that there really will be a Season 6, only that if there is Mutant Enema gets to call James back for it.

Perhaps that's what has Kristin confused.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the contracts usually with Fox? That is, if there is no Angel season 6, than Marsters is contracted for another year to them, not to Mutant Enemy...?
Like Marti Noxon, who was contracted to them for up to an 8th season at least of Buffy, but since Buffy ended, she had to move on to something else produced by Fox (Still Life). But I suppose contracts can be with anybody so I don't really know in Marsters's case.
James signing on for two seasons never indicated that there would definately be two more seasons...It is like the end of BtVS...James had one remaining year on his contract so he would have been bound IF there was a season eight...
Fox only distributes the show...They do not pay for production, salaries, etc...This is why advertising dollers are sooo important...Fox demands high dollar for rights to their shows (one of most important reasons Buffy traded "horses" from WB to UPN)and therefore the networks that produce these shows have high expectations for advertising income in order to pay for them...But I believe you are right in that JM's contract is held by Fox Media Group.
Personally, I would like AtS to go on as long or surpass BtVS in seasons...I think this is bogus news and it is way too early to know whether or not there will be a sixth season of AtS...

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yeah a bit early, they haven't even finished going through one round of sweeps this season. but it would be nice :)

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