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February 25 2010

Video: Juliet Landau interviews Armin Shimerman. Discussion of Landau's documentary "Take Flight," "Buffy," "DS9," the creative process and the fact that synogogues have gift shops.

Good interview! Armin's one of the good guys. His character on DS9 was one of the joys of that show. On the flip side, i'm very thankful that Snider was eaten by a snake on Buffy. He was a evil little man :)
Synogogues often have awesome gift shops, in fact. :)
This is terrific, I'm so glad Shapenew posted it! I loved Quark, but I also loved Snyder! (and Drusilla too, obviously).
Juliet's whole documentary Take Flight is available for streaming for $2.50 at the film's website.

I'll prolly watch it soon, although not to sound too carping, it would be helpful if its length was posted on the streaming page so you could plan for whatever time commitment you'd be making.

I like Armin and Juliet and Gary Oldman - and the whole premise interests me strangely.

ETA: Asked Juliet on twitter about the film's length - she tells us it's 25 minutes long.

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Love them both, what a fantastic clip! :)
I like how Armin can't help smiling when he discusses Snyder.
I liked their little debate over who was evil and who wasn't. Considering they never had a scene together, I'm glad they both remembered the show, and each other, fondly enough to reminisce. I always wonder if actors remember each other that well and compare notes when the cameras are off: "Oh, you were in Buffy too? Cool. Isn't Joss the best?"
Yes, that was fun ManEnoughToAdmitIt. The whole interview was really. Both are such lovely people.

I've always loved Armin for his tremendous energy. "The utter joy" he describes he has when he's acting always shows, just like the fact that he was having fun playing Quark, and because you can feel his pleasure acting, to me it's also a great pleasure to watch.

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