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February 25 2010

(SPOILER) Podcast Interview With James Marsters. An interview with James Marsters talking about Caprica and other roles.

Sci-fi-talk chats with James about his character in Caprica and takes in, amongst other things, Smallville, Torchwood, Buffy, Superman Doomsday,acting with giant bug monsters and John Barrowman.

English people like to talk fast! Wow and I thought Italians and Spaniards talk fast.
Strange that he didn't know most of the sonnets were written to a guy. I've known that since I was a kid.
Such a thoughtful actor, such a dirty laugh. He had me at Hello!
I'm a Brit, and I keep forgetting that he isn't actually British! His accent was so amazing as Spike, it always seems strange to hear him talk in his American voice. And he's right, we do talk fast! Great interview, and really looking forward to seeing his Caprica arc.
I don't think all Brits talk fast, but urban accents tend to be faster than rural accents. James did a very good job on his specific regional accent - it was very rarely simply "generic British". Sometimes he got the stress patterns wrong, which Alexis hardly ever did, but that is the hardest part. And I could listen to his voice forever in whatever accent he chooses to employ.

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