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February 27 2010

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #32. Some interesting hints about upcoming issues. Spoilers For Twilight's identity in this.

WTF: Angel is "Home" and Spike is "Cabin in the Wood" to Buffy. "Angel is where Buffy lives but there are times when she just has to get away to the Cabin for a while, y'know to clear her head, or when she's not feeling right about herself." Christ, I'm glad he isn't writing the series.
Spuffy people are just gonna love this.
Possibly, for once, could we not focus on the shipping? It's an opinion, and it's honest. He doesn't influence the writing, so it's really just that, his opinion.
Those shipping comments have been out for days now, I'd say most people following these have already had a chance to stew over them.

I'm with wexina, it was just an opinion he was asked to give and it's really no big deal *shrugs*

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- Yay Scythe.

- The fake page is really well done. It's obviously traced, but that's some professional tracing.

- In retrospect and as a Spike/Buffy fan, I don't know how I managed to brave through so many months of Season 8, before I finally decided to abandon ship switch fandom. Seems like we get a comment like this from the highers-up every other month.

- Hope his Angel likeness has improved since that threesome panel. Especially since he (presumably) won't get to draw him naked this time, so there will be no distracting the readers with eyecandy. :P
I don't really care either way re: Buffy being with Spike or Angel but I suppose it is relevant. Like even if the script didn't particularly specify Buffy being closer to Angel (or, for all we know it did) when he actually staged the issue that was a choice that he made and Joss/whomever failed to veto. Or particularly mind. (I was sort of the opinion that by the second or third time the person you love dies you sort of have the right to move on. Plus I just got used to the idea of Buffy and Angel characters being separated by default so I didn't really hold out hope of ever seeing any of them interact again.)

Other things that I missed include that Jeantys cover for 32 where we found out one of the figures was Scott Allie rather than a weirdly mannish Jo Chen. And the homage to Doctor Who again which amuses me.
It was a specific direction from Joss that Buffy be placed closer to Angel than Spike in that menage a trois fantasy. At that point, Jeanty wasn't even that well-versed in the Buffyverse yet to fully understand the possible significance of that little detail.
geez, it's just his opinion, don't need to make a buzz about this.
It's great to know that we'll see who is twilight with a big close up and in the page 12, that leave a lot of time to develop this surprise in #33. Pretty good, I can't wait anymore for that scene. Three years guys, It's a looooong time.
Georges is obviously subtly teasing us for Cabin in the Woods.
The Marsters' people's distance from reality isn't anyone's problem but their own.
dispatch I think you're well aware of the rules on fan bashing. Don't make comments like that here.

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