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February 28 2010

NPH makes his theatrical directing debut with a production of "Rent"! It all goes down at the Hollywood Bowl August 6th through 8th.

Because, one day, Neil was all, "I wonder what else I could accomplish if I never. Slept. Again."
Hee hee. One day we shall all work with NPH.
I'll probably never work with him but I am definitely down for getting tickets for this. Hopefully I'll still remember when they go on sale.
This will be excellent for Neil's resume. I can see him directing Broadway shows. And an excellent fit since he was in the 1997 L.A. production and 2nd national tour, winning an award.

What You Own on L.A. show Later
Tonya - My wife has been fortunate enough to have seen both the original cast live, as well as Neil doing "Rent." I'm super jealous, mostly because the only time I ever saw it live, I got N*SYNC's Joey Fatone.
Oh dear. Well, you're one up on me because I've never seen it live but the original cast is on the iPod a friend gave me last year and I've listened to it relentlessly. And the person who gave me the iPod saw the original cast in New York multiple times. Oh jealousy, you are indeed green-eyed and well, putrid. :-)
If it helps, we can both be even a little more jealous at my wife, because not only did she see the original cast perform, she also signed the Rent Wall and frickin' had lunch with Jesse Martin!
That tears it!

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