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February 28 2010

Netflix subscribers can now watch Dr. Horrible instantly. If you subscribe to Netflix, you can instantly watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on your computer or -- if you own one of the many Netflix-ready devices -- on your television.

This service is included in all Netflix memberships and does not incur an additional fee.

Also, it's in pretty HD.
Hah, I was just on Netflix before this site and noticed Dr. Horrible and The Guild were on there now.
Now, the only thing left to do is to decide where in the instant queue this goes. At the very front, before Mythbusters, before Doctor Who/Torchwood, or before the rest of my queue. Decisions, decisions....

Regardless, it belongs in the first part of my instant queue, where all my random-rewatchable things go.
Ha ha ha.....That's what i did this weekend. Loved it!
Terrific! I have it on DVD, but I'm more likely to watch it via streaming these days. I mean, sheesh, I have to get up and find the DVD to watch the physical media! ;)

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