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February 28 2010

5 (imaginary) movies about your favourite childhood games. Fun article suggesting cult directors' takes on movie adaptations of board games. Read down to No. 1.

It's a dream cast!

I assume all the women will be barefoot. It has nothing to do with the game but it's a director's requirement.
I am wildly confused by the intensity of that article. Also, I think Felicia Day would probs make the cast before CC, as much as I love her.
I've never heard of POGs before, but I'd be first in line for Werner Herzog's Tic-Tac-Toe.
I really enjoyed the NYC Pac-Man You Tube video in the comments section.
Yep, that Ms. Pac Man The Go Team! video was the best thing I've ever seen using them. (I guess they're catchy and do get that whole 70s vibe pat but I don't see what they really bring unto themselves. Though I've heard they're fun live.) The Pac Man movie even seems kind of interesting though I never associated the director particularly with France.

And the Whedon one had me lost in general... The casting was relatively reasonable and the dialogue was pretty close to spot on (especially macramey) but "yay women!" does not immediately correlate with "men suck and/or are slightly creepy." Also the names seem pretty off aside from maybe Ralston.

Then I was also about to call them out on getting too distracted by the P.O.G. element when the game was theoretically about Pogs but I never knew the origin story of that fad really was akin to playing with the bottle caps of passionfruit, orange, and guava juice.
Am I the only one who finds it kind of disturbing how much these read like actual (possibly brilliant) film projects?

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Anyone else have a hankering to see "Clue" being played out on the TARDIS?
Clue lent itself to have more than just one movie in the series - after all, all the characters used aliases, so having a new Mr. Green, etc would be okay with me. As long as it had the wit of the original. Which is hard to top.
It's a dream cast!

I assume all the women will be barefoot. It has nothing to do with the game but it's a director's requirement.

Just as long as they're not pregnant --
I was expecting to see a subversive take on something like Pretty, Pretty Princess or Girl Talk.
Yeah, POG's was a stretch there. The Pac-Man one however, made me want to see it actually happen.
They should have David Cronenburg's "Operation". He'd gorify it soooo much.
Joss Whedon's "Stratego". He's good at that whole ensemble cast thing. Then again, a Browncoat edition of Stratego would be just as shiny too...
Haha, Alan Tudyk with erectile dysfunction!
Candyland would totally be a Terry Gilliam thing, not JJ Abrams. I could see Abrams doing Omega Virus or Robo Rally, though. :)
ManEnoughToAdmitIt fluffypooh; From experience, I don't see Joss, for one, going that way. Well, maybe with a cast of Charisma, Eliza, and Summer, again from past experience. If it were Smidge, Aly, and Amber, they'd definitely be in slippers.

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