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March 01 2010

Juliet Landau interviews Michael Rosenbaum on video. Another entry in Juliet Landau's series of video interviews talking about the creative process, this one with Michael Rosenbaum (formerly Lex Luthor of "Smallville").

Drusilla meets Lex. Quite an engaging and funny interview. Juilet has the makings of great interviewer. She is a delight to watch. l miss Michael's Lex Luthor.
I cant wait to get home and watch this--two of my favorites!
Michael wishes to be challenged more?

Joss! Now is your time. MR is ripe and willing. :D

*seriously missing on Michael Rosenbaum* Not that he didn't make the right decision getting out of SV, IMHO, but it irks me that his acting chops are being wasted. I think Mike is a fickle person like most talented people are, but give him the right medium and shoes to step into and he will own it and bring it to life.

Juliet should introduce him to Joss.

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