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March 01 2010

Rare Buffy action figure up for auction to benefit Haiti Relief. Maureen Ryan's auction continues with tons of TV promo items.

Including another very rare Battlestar Galactica "Last Supper" promo poster.

That's rare? I have that, along with Oz and Giles in the same style, I had no idea it'd become rare.
Adults buy action figures...? I thought that was a media cliché. That's kind of weird. :/
Adults buy action figures...? I thought that was a media cliché. That's kind of weird. :/

What's so weird about it?
They're like..for children.. I don't mean to offend you. :/
You didn't offend me, and most adults that collect them don't actually play with them, they use them as ornaments to make their shelves look pretty, whenever i've been to shops that sell them i've never seen a kid in sight :)
Like collecting DVDs? :/
Hey I have that action figure. Didn't know it was rare. Unopened too.
OK, now that's weird. Why buy something and not open it? :/
Just cause I guess. What does :/ mean? I'm not as with it as I used to be.
It's like a half smile, have sad face sorta thang. Like your questioning something. :D
Adults collecting actions figures is nothing new, wierd or not (and I don't find it stranger than collecting anything else).
This is dangerous for me to see on pay day. :P
BTW, i am 39 and have a Buffy/Angel action figure collection.

We all need to have a little silliness, it keeps us young.

BUT, i do open them and display them in various tableau.
I do not get keeping things in ugly packaging, or tags on them, etc, i do not plan to sell them for profit or otherwise. WHy buy them if they aren't fun??
Well that may be rare in the states, but over here you can easily pick that up on eBay for about a £7.

And no, I don't consider action figure collecting weird either. I mean these figures are often aimed more at teens and adults collectors then young kids.

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Some choose to unpack them, some don't. They lose value if you take them out of the box/package, lose it's mintyness or whatnot and can't be sold as easily. But some think it's fun to display, so they don't care that they could suddenly get worth less than half than when they paid.

At first I thought it was a silly hobby, then I got crazy for action figs, and now I'm kinda indifferent. It's cool to display them sometimes tough, playing out different scenes. I've read a few fan made comics that use pics of action figs in different positions, telling a story, and that was pretty funny.
"Weird" to buy/own action figures? What? Those little figures of mine have brought me tons of joy and fun throughout the years. The attention to detail (especially on the accessories - Sunnydale Library, anyone?) is usually done with the greatest skill and is thoroughly appreciated by us collectors.

What's weird to me is, even if it isn't your bag, how as a fan one can't understand someone's delight in having a wee little
Faith or Giles poised to kick some vamp ass in your living room!
Ha! I had that one, but sold it a few years ago along with all my others.
Wow... that's rare? I've got mine, and she sits on the end of my dresser, although, I have her poised with the battle-axe and stake. I still have the packaging too. LoL. If I'd known it was going to become "rare", I'd never have opened it. LoL

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