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March 01 2010

Vote for Dollhouse in Hulu's "Best In Show" competition. If the show wins its round, it'll face off against Burn Notice or 24.

Doesn't really stand a chance against them. =[
Choosing between "30 Rock" and "Parks and Recreation" was really hard. D:
That's quite a horrible competition. It's like Big Show vs Little Show in pretty much every round, but I didn't have trouble really choosing any, though I had to double take for taking Dollhouse over Chuck.

Frick, I found that was one of the easiest - Parks by far. 30 Rock only disappoints now.
It really is little show versus big show. Mercy v House? I mean, come on, a no brainer.
I noticed it got put under "Action" and not "Sci-Fi," which I thought was strange.
Castle is getting pounded by Psych. That is so, so wrong, IMO.
Dollhouse is not better than Chuck. It could have been, but the second part of the second season was a mess. Sorry.
The second half of the second season was awesome, in fact it was my favorite of the whole series. I voted for Dollhouse, but it seems like it won't make much of a difference. We're getting creamed!
What is Burn Notice? A reality TV show about sunglasses?
Chuck? thanks...i like my action with female leads and broody men with alot of baggage all involved in morally compromising situations...DOLLHOUSE FOR THE WIN!!! (although it's losing...and so is!)
I very much just voted for our favorite recently-canceled Whedon show and I hope to see the votes for it go up by the end of the week, but it's a rather tiny hope at best. =/
Was tough to choose between Dollhouse and Chuck... in the end I went with Dollhouse because I don't feel this season of Chuck has been as great as the first two.
Glee vs Community is the modern day version of Sophie's choice.
Community and Dollhouse, easy.
I quite like Parks and Recreation. It has that lovely quality that The Office has too (kinda like a Christopher Guest movie) - it points out its character's foibles and has a good laugh, but it likes its characters, too. It does its best to make us see that even the most idiotic blowhard has a vulnerable and lovable - if not side, perhaps, at least points.

As in Waiting for Guffman, you don't get the sense that big city slicker writers are making fun of small town inhabitants and their culture; they're just using that venue to show us: humans in all their splendid stupidity.

It's one of my favorite shows these days.

I voted for "Better Off Ted" not because I necessarily preferred it to The Office (I'm not sure I do) but in (probable) memoriam - a great show, underwatched and murdered, as many of the best are, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Dollhouse, Modern Family, Castle, V, Caprica, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Glee, Bones - they all got my vote.

Although - I'm still kinda WTF about polls like this that feel kinda pointless and pit stuff against other stuff that feels all appley/orangey. I just get swept up in all the vote-y activity and whirlwind excitement.

; >

ETA: forgot one.

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I was kind of surprised to see Bones winning against WhiteCollar 60 to 40%. But I agree completely.
Of course, being outside US I cannot watch Hulu, but surprisingly they let me vote. I blame it on their sponsor (got to watch a lot of that in my country)

Dollhouse, V, Caprica, Castle. Hope it helps.
I kinda feel like such a traitor but I voted for Psych over Castle. I still haven't gotten around to seeing Nathan's show though, so, excuse.

Also voted for House (next week can't come soon enough!) ditto for Bones.

No!! Chuck Vs. Dollhouse? Why hurt me, Hulu poll maker person/s? Just finished watching the new Chuck epi (more depth/secret/vague info mention about Casey, yay) *head desk* Well, I'm not going to hesitate in my choice. Doesn't mean I don't hate making it. Dollhouse for da win. Except not so as people seem to be voting more for Chuck. Can we blame Lana for this too? ;)
I had no trouble choosing Dollhouse over Chuck, not because I think Dollhouse was flawless by any means, and not as a show of support to a canceled series, but because Chuck annoys me on a regular basis with its apparent inability to drop the Chuck/Sarah storyline for good. It was fun and affecting in s1 but now it's just obnoxious. Though I do like the whole Chuck-losing-his-soul-in-becoming-a-real-spy storyline.

I'm shocked Glee isn't doing better (figured it'd have a big online following). And I'm not shocked, but still saddened, that Better Off Ted is doing so horribly. I hope hope hope it gets picked up again.

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