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March 01 2010

Julie Benz cast in "No Ordinary Family" for ABC. Also mentions Fran Kranz joining NBC's "Friends with Benefits".

Hollywood Reporter says that Julie Benz has been cast in the ABC drama pilot "No Ordinary Family" alongside Michael Chiklis. The same article also states that Fran Kranz has joined NBC's comedy "Friends with Benefits" in an unspecified role.

Yay for Julie and Fran! :D Betcha they were both offered tons of jobs after this past season on their shows. Whee!
Julie Benz's show sounds good but Friends With Benefits sounds too much like Friends and How I Met Your Mother. Fran Kranz deserves a better show than that.
a nerdy but cute hopeless romantic who is worth $12 million after selling an algorithm to Google.

I kinda giggled a bit when I read that. Doesn't sound like my type of show, but I'm glad Fran's getting work.
Both of the shows sound great. I was kinda hoping Julie Benz would get offered a role on Desperate Housewives though. Ah well.
Ooh, the Commish! I miss having him on a broadcast show. LOVED Michael as the blue-eyed, ever-lovin' Thing.

I haven't seen an NBC comedy I liked since....ummm...Cheers.
Hopefully both get picked up!

Still, I was hoping that Enver would be cast in a pilot by now. Ahh, well...
No Ordinary Family sounds like the Fantastic Four...could be interesting.
i'm pretty excited for both shows. i ADORE autumn reeser ('no ordinary family' although people may remember her as taylor townsend on 'the oc') so the addition of julie makes me even happier. and i think 'friends with benefits' could be cute. i'm liking all of the NBC thursday night lineup to (varying degrees, admittedly) so i think they can pull off a great sitcom.
No Ordinary Family was written by Greg Berlanti, who created Everwood. The notable thing about Everwood was that it really focused in on the father/son dynamic, which not many teen angst/primetime soaps were doing. Very good show, clever, a wonderful ensemble (Matt Weiner wanted the lovely Emily Van Camp to play Peggy on Mad Men, a nice endorsement of her talent, maybe Berlanti can get her for the new show?), a kind of schmaltzy quality that was smile worthy and not groan worthy at times, and it also had the ability to tap into raw emotion when it chose to.

I hope Berlanti is actually going to be involved with the day to day. He's checked out of Everwood after Season 2, for the most part, and so I hope he's not just putting his name to this show and then handing it off. Dude has talent. He should hone it. Hone. And hire Rina Mimoun and Michael Green, too. And David Hudgins! Do it.
Very happy for our little Whedon Alums. I am down to watch anything with these amazing actors and actresses in them. Hopefully they are good to them and keep them in the light for us to keep watching.
Another Whedon Alum (Julie Benz) joins the Mouse House! How many Whedom Alums does that make on ABC now? :)

Maybe Joss should make a show for ABC!
While I'm happy for Kranz, I think a dramedy would better suit him. I think most followers of Dollhouse liked him better when he became less the snarky know-it-all and more the one realizing the horrifying potential of his work.

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