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March 01 2010

Amber Benson's Chance, Cat's Claw signings, and "Under Your Spell" Challenge. Amber blogs about her first written and directed film finally being available for purchase on Amazon, upcoming signings for her new book, and just what she'll do to top last year's "Macarena" video if 200 fans review Cat's Claw on Amazon.

Well, I'm going to have go read this, and then review it.
I would reccomend all of you doing the same.
I'm still reading it, but I'll make sure to put up a review when I finish it!
REVIEW!! I can't since I haven't bought it yet but review people! REVIEW! I need, i mean NEEEEED to have a fantastic You tube video of Benson doing a silly rendition of Under your spell, well I need any version of Benson doing Under your spell. Ahh amber, you is awesome.
Has anyone seen Chance?
I'm a little more than halfway through rereading "Death's Daughter" - I plan to buy "Cat's Claw" next weekend when I go out of town.

Despite pleas, Amber declined to perform her duet with Tony @Motor City Buffy - she claimed she couldn't remember her lines.
I read the screen play for Chance when it first came out, and really enjoyed it. I've been wanting to see it for ages! She says you can get the actual DVD for sale, which is the way I'd rather get it, but I can't find that anywhere on amazon. Has anyone found it?
I've seen Chance, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Mind you, it was the first film she ever wrote or directed, so it's far from polished. Still, she crafted some very interesting characters and quite a few funny little bits. She and James Marsters really seemed to have a ball making it. Plus, bonus, if you've ever wondered what Amber would be like if she swore like a sailor on drunken shore leave, this film resolves that. ;)

It doesn't seem as if Amazon has the DVD available for sale yet, but that could change at any time now. In the meantime, if you're really anxious to own it, someone is selling a used copy on Amazon for a mere $29,125 (I kid you not!)

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