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March 02 2010

Nathan Fillion hints at more than a sequel for Dr. Horrible. He says that he's "also heard of some kind of other accoutrements that are coming out aside from a sequel that we're planning on", but that elaborating on this would result in "a lightning bolt from god."

Future length movie perhaps?
Video game?
No one would want the wrath of Joss! I mean first he'd make you super happy and then like kill the love of your life!

But super excited about "new" Dr.Horrible news.. It's been kind of quiet since Dollhouse ended.
A video game musical? What? How would that work... Although, after playing Heavy Rain last week I guess anything seems possible... (sidenote: Awesome game!)

Or maybe you're thinking of something like Singstar... Which in case... SHAME on you... If I can't use a freeze ray I'm not interested...
YES!! Sorry, got a little excited. Very happy to hear this amazing news of more DR.H! I cannot WAIT To see/hear/smell the new additions to the idea. Movie, Game, Webseries, BROADWAY. Whatever it may be, I, sirs&mam's, am PUMPED.

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I could see a videogame on a website. Nathan's friend P.J. Haarsma has done both for his own books.
Doesn't Rock Band have independent songs? I always thought they could adapt it...though maybe the songs aren't very band-y. I would love any kind of game though. Or whatever else this could mean.

Djungelurban - Heavy Rain is awesome.
Perhaps another series for Fox to cancel prematurely? Haha. Unlikely, I know. But a girl can dream.
What about the world's first Massively Musical Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMMORG)?
Man, I would love a series, but since the word "accoutrements" basically means accessories... I wouldn't count on it.

Maybe it's a yogurt franchise? A line of designer hammers? A line of individually,prepackaged, super absorbent towelettes? An ELoE backed political party? Wait. I think we might already have those. It explains a lot after all.
What about a line of Dr Horrible frozen pizzas, the instant pizza that's frozen in time. Kind of like Dr Oetker, only horribler.
Action figures? Freeze ray replicas? Working freeze rays? He did mention lightning bolts...
That's how you pronounce accoutrements? I've been saying it like the middle two syllables are a cuss word. Pardon my French.
Massively Multiplayer Online Sing-Along?

(Djungelurban: Heavy Rain is <3.)
Welcome to The Black Jeff A+, your first post gets an A-. (just kidding, A+ all the way!)

I'm guessing they're coming out with their own Dr. Horrible restaurant franchise. Think of the possibilities? Like KrustyBurger only with Dr. Horrible...and way more awesome.

What fun menu items will they be serving? Obviously they'll have frozen yogurt but what about the Hammer Dog? Clearly it would have to be rated G, so I'm thinking it would just be a regular hotdog. But they could also have "napkin gloves" that look like the real DR. H gloves but they're just napkins. Maybe the condiments would be self-serve and there could be a freeze ray dispenser for ketchup? The possibilities are endless.
Dr. Horrible, the T-shirt! Dr. Horrible, the coloring book! Dr. Horrible, the lunchbox! Dr. Horrible, the breakfast cereal! Dr. Horrible, the flamethrower! (Kids love this one.) Last but not least, Dr. Horrible, the doll. *pulls string* "I have a Ph.D. in Horribleness!"

Also you can't forget Dr. Horrible, the bed sheets, and Dr. Horrible, the toilet paper. ;)
Lunchbox was the first thing I thought when I read the topic.

Fillion, you left us on tenterhooks you villain!

I'm actually hoping for a series, which could include focusing on other members of the ELOE or introducing new ones.
I highly doubt there's any way it could ever be a series. The producers of HIMYM, Castle and TBBT would probably have something to say about that. And weren't most of the ELOE writers?

I'm thinking a Penny doll. *pulls string* "Captain Hammer will save us... death gurgle."
Don't I dimly recall Joss saying that by the time Dollhouse ended, we'd know what his next project was going to be? I guess I was expecting something a little more concrete.

Also, I'll take the breakfast cereal (Honey Horribles?), the lunchbox, and an Econo-Pak of Hammer Dogs. Thx.
Wait, there's action figures? Dang it, you guys didn't tell me!

(Deep breath, long sigh) Okay, lets get back to this "Dr. Horrible" sequel. "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" I know, I'm so terrible. Suffering through Whedon withdraw here, still no known cure.
It's possible he didn't specifically mean accoutrement but other ancillary projects? Granted I could see either.

Like after seeing the eBay auctions for Dollhouse and seeing how neat Dr. Saunders' labcoat was, maybe they can start producing Doctor Horrible ones with that over the shoulder latching thing. Internet degrees or certifications in horribleness? Or they can just go the route of more established superhero logos and start licensing out hammers to go on caps, or as belt buckles, oversized Tee-prints, and like those NASCAR themed harlequin romance books.

As for side-projects I could see them realistically pulling off... Maybe a cartoon/"motion comic"? Audiobook/podcast plays? Theme contest on Threadless? In-character viral vlogs? Licensing out the character(s) for advertising purposes? (This last one seems like it'd actually be a pretty decent way of keeping the characters/actors out there and in the public consciousness, maybe still singing, but without the time/effort it'd take for a full blown sequel. And they'd also be able to maybe self-finance with help... Granted it would be problematic coming up with corporate shilling that doesn't undermine some of the indie sensibility.)

A computer game sounds neat but I have trouble imagining a good balance of superheroics and music on the cheap. Maybe there are iPhone apps in the future but I'd rather imagine something I can actually partake in.

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