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March 02 2010

The Complete DVD Collection of Buffy on sale at Amazon UK. The Region 2 DVD box set containing all seven seasons of Buffy is now available for 50.97 (72% discount) as part of Amazon's current "deals of the of the week" special offers.

Cool, been waiting for this at 50 again. So which extras are different from other versions?
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the only difference from the US versions is that seasons 4-7 are in wide screen. I got it back in 08' from Amazon UK for 45.61 including shipping for that very reason but haven't really watched it much and haven't gone through the extras because I don't have a region free dvd player and have to watch it on my computer.

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The US version has an extra DVD (roundtable event with some of the cast and writers). Also an extra season 4 commentary.
I got it early last year for around 49, and its a pretty decent set. If a bit flimsy, I mean, there are probably a few advantages of owning the US one, especially because of the pretty box but this has all the essentials you need.
So how many US $ is 50.97?
Also the speed is slightly faster on the UK discs.
The UK discs have the intro to The Gift, where you can see all of the episodes flash by, right? My Region 1 set doesn't have that.Do they have French sub-titles by the way?
shambleau, if you've got the Chosen collection, that intro is an easter egg on disc 6 of season 6, in the "Featurettes" menu. (Not sure if it's on any other versions of season 6.)
@Rachelkachel: I thought it was on the final disc of Season 7.
Hm. Possibly. The site I was getting my information from ( says both, now that I look closer, but that must be wrong because I had a hard time finding it when I looked last time...
Ah! Thank you.
I am proud to be an owner of every season of Buffy in their original "bible" packaging - although the first season is the pack that folds out into a cross (is there a "bible book" version of season 1?.) Much better than the plastic casing on offer here - at least, that is what I assume 'The Chosen Collection' is in. Almost have all of Angel in the same style packaging too, bar the first season.

Although, I do feel dirty for them being the R2 versions and not watching Buffy season 4-7 in the correct aspect ratio. Please forgive me Joss!

50 is a great deal for anyone yet to get the DVDs. So much joy, for so little money.
Man, that one ugly box.

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