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March 02 2010

Neil Patrick Harris to perform during the Oscars broadcast. The Oscars won't open with hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Instead, Neil Patrick Harris and Martin Short have been rehearsing a song and dance number to open the show. ETA: Neil tweets that this is misinformation.

So Martin the Short and Neil the Patrick Harris together on stage - definitely sounds like fun!
I don't think this is a spoiler really so I took the tag off. I realize it's meant to be a surprise but on balance I figure people reading the site with spoilers off would rather know he's in the opening number.
Sounds like he's much in demand for his musical talents since the Emmys.
Oh I am so glad to know this, I was planning on skipping the Oscars, but now it is a 'must see'!
ActuallyNPH: I will not be performing a duet with Martin Short to open the Oscars. Misinformation, I'm afraid. Should I maybe pull a Kanye, mid-show?

well...that's it... FAIL!
maybe next year.
I added Neil's tweet to the entry.
Well at least he's going to be there. Maybe it's in some other context for the ceremony?

I mean voiceover work and the Harold and Kumar movies aside I can't think of any movies he's done at all since Starship Troopers. (He's going to be that blind mentor dude in some magical realism Beauty and the Beast thing but I assume that's not "potential Oscar material.")

And I forget, was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs actually up for best animated movie? I seem to recall hearing people disappointed about that since it was better than it had any right to be and wasn't even nominated. Then again it might be just like Coraline where it's quality material but doesn't stand a chance with Up also being nominated for best picture outright.
Oh Noes, I was all excited that this might be true. Oh well, there is that Glee episode to look forward to. Any word if it is the Joss ep yet?
Well, to be fair, he didn't do a duet with Martin Short!
Which is all he said was untrue.
I'm not watching the Oscars but I did check in to Twitter just in time to see my timeline become all NPH and exclamation marks.

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