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March 02 2010

(SPOILER) Dichen Lachman guest starring on NCIS: LA. She's gonna be in episode #117, entitled "Full Throttle." It is airing on Tuesday, March 9th.

Will watch my first NCIS.
I took the name out of the main description since that seems potentially spoilery in this case and spoiler tagged the link.
Me too, Pointy!
Damn! Won't be able to watch. Final Fantasy XIII comes out that day. Stupid 2010 and all of its awesome video games.
Games come out on Tuesday? (Wait, do all electronic media come out on Tuesdays?) I'm sure there might be those midnight sales so there's plenty of time to take a one-hour break.

And incidentally I am intrigued that she gets to have two character names. I don't even know what NCIS stands for (something about navy police right?) So genre-wise I don't know if it's more likely she's playing film noir identical twins (the good and the bad one), preternaturally similar looking strangers, DID sufferer, or super-spy in disguise.

...Or that secret hope I used to have that they'd have tried to promote Dollhouse by having tertiary roles in other TV shows played by hired-out "actives."

And incidentally, given the title of the episode I'm reminded of of that Charlie's Angels remake-reboot Drew Barrymore wanted to do and I'd love it if Dichen were the replacement/second Asian. And/or she could be the Australian!
Glad to see she is working, I hope that they find a regular gig for her somewhere (preferably on a show that I actually want to watch). I too will watch my first NCIS. On another random note, the girl that played Laurie in the Halloween remakes is also on the episode.
For those of you who haven't seen NCIS before, I think you're in for a treat. I missed it for the first five seasons it was on, and kick myself for not seeing it, ended up buying all the DVD's.

It's a well-done police drama with a miltary flavor, and the entire cast are like family, lot of back story on all the characters. I found myself wishing Joss had on Dollhouse the budget, studio cooperation and promotion that NCIS has.

Having Dichen Lachmann guest star on it is like whipped cream on the ice cream sundae for me!
For those of you who haven't seen NCIS before, I think you're in for a treat.

As a rule I never watch procedurals, but every time I catch a few minutes of this show I'm entertained. Mark Harmon's one of those guys I think I'm gonna be annoyed by but then he turns out to be cool. I thought he was great as the Secret Service agent on the West Wing and he's nifty on NCIS too. (Timothy Hutton's another one of those guys. Thought he'd be meh. Then I loved him as Nate on Leverage.) Anyway, I'm gonna try to catch NCIS next wekk. Next up: Enver Gjokaj needs to be cast in something. I think he has enough presence and chops to build a show around.
Whoops! Hellmouthguy, looks like both of us failed to read the thread title.

It's actually NCIS:Los Angeles that Dichen Lachmann guest starred on, and she was pretty good in a character role as a fake insurance investigator/street racer. Not a big part, but she made the most of it. Nice to see this Dollhouse alumni get work so quickly after the show closed down. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her; she deserves it as does Enver Gjokai for their yeoman performances on Dollhouse.

Hope I'm not going off the Whedonesque topic by inviting you to check out NCIS and NCIS:LA more often. Both solid dramas with the latter being a bit more hip and quirky. Great casts in both.

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