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March 02 2010

Buffy Season 8 Vol 6: 'Retreat' released this week. The tpb collects Jane Espenson's five part arc (issues 26-30).

Yes! I had no idea this was coming up. Really looking forward to reading this (it'll be the first time, for me).
Without spoiling the plot arc for you, five issues did feel a bit too much. Might have worked better with four. I was surprised that the Willow one-shot wasn't included in the tpb.
Yeah, the plotting goes off the rails a bit for this arc. Has some of the typical Jane funny, but not one of the stronger ones. The third part is the one to watch for, though--probably the strongest.
I think I remember reading on one of the Slayalive Q&As that there will be some fixing of panels? Will be curious to see if this has happened. Thinking specifically of the panels dealing with that new werewolf characters death.
I beleive that they will also fix
I've pre-ordered from Amazon, where the release date is listed as March 10th. Does Dark Horse make the collections available earlier than other retailers? dates can be a little bit unreliable when it comes to comic books. And comic book shops use a different distribution network than bookshops. Which is why graphic novels sometimes appear sooner in comic book shopis.
I liked Retreat a lot. It wasn't the best arc, but it was still reall, really, really awesome.
@Jelly Do they really change the comics like that when going to TPB? I know it was a glaring mistake, but still, it seems strange to change it now.
According to what I have heard (I haven't seen it yet) they did change the panel I mentioned before to reflect a different person.

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