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March 03 2010

Buffy seasons 1 through 6 will soon begin streaming at Netflix Watch Instantly. The (very useful) fansite that figured this out is about to go out of business but you can subscribe to this other feed to keep tabs on the start date.

Nice! But it's got to be said: why not 7? All but one seems so arbitrary...
All five seasons of Angel will be as well.
This is great! I am finally up to Season 4 with Netflix, but it is such a hassle dealing with the disks.
Man, my instant queue's gonna be really top-heavy, with my favorite shows.

Wait, why am I acting like this is a bad thing?
Yeah I wonder about season 7. Odd licensing glitch?

But Netflix has been pwning it lately with putting TV shows on Watch Instantly service. You guys know you can watch SPARTACUS: BLOOD & SAND on it too, the same day it premieres on Starz. Too cool.
Good news, though I'm about to receive the final disc in season six this week from Netflix, ha! This way I'll be able to get my dad to watch the first three seasons before he starts Angel though. That's definitely a plus!

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