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March 03 2010

Neil Patrick Harris is feeling blue....he'll be in the Smurfs movie. He'll play the lead live action character in the upcoming movie.

He starts after HIMYM finishes in April.

Slight error in the post, Neil is actually playing the lead live-action character and not a Smurf. Which is a relief, because I couldn't see him as Papa Smurf.
So if this starts shooting while HIMYM is on hiatus what does that mean for the Dr. Horrible sequel? I mean wasnt that rumored to start shooting when NPH and Fillion were freed from their respective shows?
It's been a while since I've watched "The Smurfs," but does this mean he'll be Gargamel? Or... dang, wasn't there a kid? I wish I could remember. Like, a kid who was friend to the Smurfs. Hmmm... I'd definitely be interested in him playing Gargamel.
This isn't misinformation is it?
Vandelay - apologies. Edited for clarity.
avatar 2 already?
Whut? WHUT? (imagine me saying that like David Tennant as The Doctor.)
He's going to be Father Abraham?
I just double checked my calendar and, no, it isn't April 1st yet. So I'm just confused.
So... is he Gargamel?
He would be great actually evil Gargamel. But I doubt that's the lead role. :(
...Isn't Gargamel practically the only human thus presumably the lead human role? I don't particularly remember the Smurfs, and even then I think my family leaned towards the Snorks/ripoffs reruns.

I was always under the impression he tried to eat the smurfs but I've heard conflicting rumor that he wanted to turn them to gold? And lazy googling has revealed to me that Smurfette is "La Schtroumpfette" in French.

Anyway, it's interesting how more or less everyone seems to love NPH (or at least tolerate in their ambivalence) but he's gotten a lot of villainous roles. Dr. Horrible to extent, I think he's the bad guy in that Eat Lead video game, and he's also some sort of evil cyborg dolphin.
Michael Ausiello is going to shit his pants! I would love NPH as a little blue munchkin! Whatever, I'll see anything he's in.
Gargamel was the bad guy. He just doesn't seem like a good movie protagonist to me. But yeah he's the only human I remember from the cartoon.
Well yeah, de facto can't we assume NPH = Gargy? It'll be just like Avatar again where the humans are the bad guy and the blue people who live in worldtrees/mushrooms are the good guys.

Or I remember that Gargamel tended to need to actually rely on the smurfs from even other eviler/effectiver sorcerers so I can see why they'd want a slightly more sympathetic looking villain. No need to make him look like the cartoon and have the guy vaguely reminiscent of Principal Snyder.

What sort of animation are they thinking though? Photorealistic Avatar CGI, that creepy Zemekis motion capture, SMG Scooby-Doo-esque levels of exaggerated/stylized CGI, or Space Jam/Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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I just read this on Entertainment Weekly's website. It seems he's an expectant father whose life is turned upside down, and yadda, yadda... is this sounding more and more like the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie to anyone else? I'm reserving official judgment until I learn more information and/or see some footage, but... I'm nervous, I guess is what I'm saying. Raja Gosnell brought me "Scooby-Doo," which I loved, and it has NPH. But Raja Gosnell also brought me "Scooby-Two," which I did not love, and it sounds less than amazing. Grr... I don't like not knowing what to think.

Anyway, here's the url. Feel free to combine it in the main link if that makes sense:

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