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March 03 2010

Tonner releases Malcolm Reynolds Doll. Robert Tonner (a doll maker) has announced a "Browncoats Breakfast" and Mal doll debut at their convention this May.

I wish I could be excited about this, but Tonner Dolls are always so creepy looking. They don't look like the actors and the clothes always seem too big. (as well as all males looking very feminine) :(
I hope this sells well ans thereby shows Sideshow Collectibles what jackrabbits they've been (and I don't mean bunnies) ignoring Firefly. I'm very nearly angry over how Sideshow has refused to even consider Firefly, Dr. Horrible ...not to mention Blade Runner, The Fifth Element (the list goes on). So good luck Tonner! Kick their rabbits!
It appears that other figures with long jackets end up being about $160 (look at Luna Lovegood of the Harry Potter line), though I could see Mal being closer to $200, easily.

Having seen Tonner's catalog, I can say with confidence that Inara, when and if they get to her, will be spectacular. And as for their heads/faces, I'd say that their style is essentially a "smoothed" version of the actors they represent. Look at their Twilight dolls, in which they went for more realism than their generic fashion dolls.

I'm saving up for sure.
will.bueche- Sideshow recently said that Blade Runner rights are a big mess, which is basically why there's no merchandise available from the movie.
Dewy, I'm aware of that, but I also spoke (ok, chatted) with the producer of the recent Blade Runner Final Cut and he said that was no longer true, that in fact he'd been hoping that Sideshow would have approached them (he's a fan of their work himself and has the Japanese bootleg dolls of Roy and Deckard), since they'd smoothed out all the licensing problems during the production of the Final Cut. Sideshow tends to simply hear something is difficult, and then they don't even try -- they made the same claim about The Fifth Element. They heard it was a difficult license (it is -- N2 Toys tried and failed to get the license to Leeloo et al) so they simply avoided it.

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A special Inara Serra souvenir?

Ooooo, I'd love to find out what that is.
I think those dolls are beautiful, but for what one costs I could go to a con and see Nathan. :)

Now to get Nathan to come to a con in Toronto.
I'd bet it will be Inara's fancy cigar box with the injection thingee.
Tonner do some nice outfits for their range, but with the exception of the Harry Potter figures their sculpted likenesses on the whole have been truly appalling.

Recently they released photos from their new Dr Who/Torchwood range, and dear god, they we're really, really dreadful even for them.

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Well, I am going to be the Tonner Cheerleader here...I love their dolls and for the most part I have been pretty pleased with the likenesses. The quality is amazing on the clothing and the accessories. You can bet Mal will come with his gun and holsters and all the little wonderful buckles on his boots.

The Inara souvenir will be an Inara Doll available for purchase at the event (they actually call them companion dolls...which is a funny coincidence). Since Tonner got the license, these dolls will most likely be available outside of the convention...but these particular versions *might* be exclusive to the convention only. Based on similar debut event, The Superman Daily Planet Luncheon...the Superman doll debuted and was later available for everyone but the Lana Lang doll was exclusive to the event. I am guessing the same thing will apply here since Mal really only had one outfit from Serenity while Inara has a jillion.

I have been going to these conventions for years and they are always great fun. Folks dress up and everyone is very friendly. If you came, you can usually sell the souvenirs and other dolls that you would get as a part of the convention fee without much problem (sometimes at a huge profit if you want to be that kind of person). You can also get people already going to the convention to go to the event for you as proxies. You pay for them to go to the event and they will send you the swag. Check the doll board Prego to find proxies... However, Tonner will sell leftovers from the convention on the website after the convention is over. That is, if there are any leftovers. Judging by the chatter on the doll boards, half of the collectors are completely ecstatic and the other half have never heard of it could be a sell out or a ghost town in that event. I, for one, cannot wait and I am hoping it means he also is sniffing around the Buffy license as well. I have heard Robert Tonner say that he was a big fan of Buffy so keep your fingers crossed.
I've been hoping for a while now that Tonner would do Firefly dolls (I voted for it in a survey they did), so this announcement is like a dream come true. I'm a big fan of Tonner's dolls, and for full disclosure here, I've been doing the doll photography for their related company Wilde Imagination... so this is like two of my very favorite worlds coming together.

The doll message boards like Prego really did light up with this announcement, and then all the Browncoats started coming out of the woodwork... it was a sight to see! So not only is it so cool that Firefly dolls will be produced by a great company like Tonner, the extra bonus effect is a kind of marketing boost for the 'Verse to the doll folks.

This is shiny news all around!
Will the Mal doll include that tattoo on the lower right side of the doll? For, you know, accuracy. ;-)

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