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March 03 2010

Nathan Fillion wins Shorty Award in "celebrity" category. The link shows Nathan Fillion as winner of the category, but not much additional information.

He's one of the reasons I signed up for twitter... often very amusing.
Oddly, @WriteRCastle didn't win under Entertainment (where I had @UnofficialME sixth of six finalists) despite apparently winning the popular vote. They gave it to @TrueBloodHBO instead.
@WriteRCastle didn't win the popular vote. @MythBusters came through at the last minute but they didn't win either, maybe the judges thought they needed some vampires in the winners to be considered "with the times".

Edited because I forgot to say congratulations to Nathan Fillion!

Good to see at least one person from the Whedoneverse win.

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Oh, you're right. @MythBusters. I knew that but had a brain fart.
Yay Nathan!

*My first post here and I can't believe that's all I've got to say but that was my reaction so there it is. Hi Whedonesquers!*

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