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March 03 2010

All seasons of Angel coming to Netflix Watch Instantly. Just like Buffy, Streaming Soon has announced Angel: The Series is coming to Netflix's streaming service.

Streaming Soon is unfortunately going out of business soon, so use this site to keep track of the status of Angel in the coming weeks.

This is the first story I've ever posted here on Whedonesque. Did I do everything correctly?
Looks fine to me, Eric. This is great news. I didn't know Buffy was already being made available. Thanks man!

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Looks great, This Is Eric. Welcome! Yeah, that first post is always the scariest, I was sweating bullets the first time.

Still getting the hang of this streaming thing. Seems pretty convenient though. Our jury is still out deciding.
Thanks guys. I thought it was ok, but just wanted to make sure.

Also, I've been using Netflix's Watch Instantly feature for a few months and really enjoy it, so if anyone has any questions I might be able to help. (:
I love the Instant Streaming on my Xbox 360. I've gotten into so many random shows and movies (especially documentaries) that I wouldn't have even considered otherwise. However, as an owner of the DVDs already, I wonder if they get some kind of royalty if we watch it through the service? If not, I can't see any incentive to using this option.
Well there is that whole getting up, taking the DVD out of the cabinet, getting the disc out of the box, sticking it in the slot, waiting for the player to start up...exhausting, really.

If only I were joking... :)
Bravo Eric.

BTW the streaming soon guys have said that yes, they are no longer updating their awesome website, but they will continue to use twitter. So you W.I. fans should follow them.

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