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March 04 2010

James Marsters to attend Wizard World Cons in Chicago, Philadelphia and Austin. Apparently Eliza Dushku was going to attend their Toronto event...but now that is cancelled. Sigh.

Also for you BSG fans, the Chicago Con has something unique...

Bad news that she can't attend for those going but on the plus side YAY for filming commitments
This post inspired me to check out the Toronto guest list. Not very impressive. Eliza would've been the only reason to go. I think Fan Expo in August will end up being the winner, with bigger, higher-profile guests in all categories.
Eliza's name apparently has been taken off the Anheim Wizard World list, too. Maybe due to filming a role, too. What's left is still impressive, even for Whedon fans.

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This post inspired me to check out the Toronto guest list. Not very impressive.

Might want to look again - Jewel Staite has been added.
Jewel Staite is a pretty good addition (even though I like her more for Wonderfalls than Serenity), but in terms of ALL guests, especially comic talent, Toronto seems to be lacking.
I hope that Eliza backed out due to the reprehensible actions of Wizard and it's owner Gareb Shamus.

The company was actively and knowingly engaged in mail fraud and cheated so many people in such a short time that it's Amazon store feedback went from the '90%s to the '60%s in less than three months. In his comments and actions, Shamus has struck me very much as a bully and someone with no sense of loyalty to any of his employees.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad to hear that Eliza will have nothing to do with these two conventions. Hopefully James and/or Jewel (and any other Whedonverse alums) will back out before these shows take place.
the headliner is gone and so am i. Lame.

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