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March 04 2010

(SPOILER) More details on NPH's Glee role. EW's Michael Ausiello lists a plot summary and confirms that Joss is directing the episode.

If I could hibernate until Glee returns to air, I would.
Glee is easily the best new show this season. I shamelessly listen to the soundtrack while at work and the gym.
I just watched the pilot last night. Need to catch up...
So did I read this correctly, it WILL be the Joss Whedon sode also!?!?

"I just got my hands on some fresh intel surrounding Harris’ role in the Joss Whedon-helmed episode"

SAY WHAT!? This is fantastic news! I can't wait for glee to return and with NPH no less? AH! I'm too excited, must go back to work and try not to freak out.
This episode might actually make me like the show.
I think I might die of fangirling when this airs, though knowing my luck it'll be on while I'm out of the country.
That sounds kind of awesome. And I don't even like Glee especially.
YES. Yes, yes, yes!!! Sooooooo excited that they'll both be working on the same episode. Squeeeeee.

I didn't click the link, though, because I don't want any plot spoilers... Does it give any indication which episode (#) it will be?
sunshineguinn, Ausiello says it will air during the May sweeps, which if my calculations are correct, which they rarely are, would be around episode 19 or so.

And! I'm incredibly excited. I've been re-watching it in the UK, and I've decided (since we'll only be a week behind, if that) I won't bother downloading the US episodes to watch them straight after, I'll give that up to watch in nice and pretty HD with everyone else in the UK. I so can't wait for this episode, anyhow. I expect a lot of twitpics from NPH and the Gleeks.
sunshineguinn - Doesn't give an episode number, but says it will probably air during May sweeps, if that helps.

I've never seen Glee before, but this is pushing me dangerously close to hopping on the bandwagon. Joss and NPH?! Sure to be awesome.
Avoiding that link, due to possible spoilage, but this is awesome news. Been watching Glee at UK pace (just had Wheelies) and enjoying it very much. Was hopeful that the NPH episode would also be the Joss one, so I can't wait for this even more.

It is a really good show that has just the right amount of edge to make it not too twee, but not so much that it looks like they are trying too hard.

The only problem with it is that I can imagine it would be even harder to tell people who don't watch you like it than with Buffy. I had a moment the other day when I was having a haircut when the lady doing it was complaining about all of the songs they were releasing. My comment was simply "Well, they are getting in the charts, so why not?" When she went on to say she imagined it was just riding on the back of the High School Musical craze, I was very close to saying that it was aimed at a much older audience and was a very cleverly made programme, but held back from it. Thankfully so, as she then went on to say her "little one" was wanting to get the album. Trying to tell her that it was an intelligently written grown-up show, when her young girl watches it, would have just been too much hard work - as well as the fact she was holding scissors. So, I just smiled when she said she really didn't want to have to listen to it in the car all the time.

@Jaymii - Are you saying E4 won't be taking a break? Awesome! I was expecting to have to wait ages to get to see the second half of the season.
Vandelay, I think its been confirmed a few times but you can probably query it if you want real confirmation (@E4Announcer/@E4com on Twitter) but I think the reason they started airing it when they did is so they can just instantly start following the US a matter of days behind.
I do enjoy Glee quite a bit but in that lull between the halves of the season I got surprisingly bitter even if I did enjoy the quasi-finale itself. I couldn't help but wonder "what if it got canceled like so many other good Fox shows?" Then I would have been slightly disappointed by the way they apportioned storylines and screentime had those 13 episodes been "the complete series" ala Firefly/Wonderfalls. Not to spoil anything for UK viewers but just given the pilot and promotional photos I sort of figured they'd have had more involved storylines for some of those characters. (I think there's the possibility Mike Chang has just as many lines as some of the kids in the pilot and he barely speaks.)

Like even though I'd only seen four episodes of Community before by default I gave up on it, in that roughly 80 minutes of the show I felt more goodwill toward that series in terms of how well they sorta characterized and fleshed out the ensemble cast compared to the first 8 episodes (5 and a half hours?) of Glee. Even if they do need to serve the 8 or 12 kids of the club itself in addition to other students and adults.
Thank Gods I only have to watch one more episode now. Here is your chance universe. If Joss and NPH can't get me interested in something, no one can.
I agree with you Orangewaxlion. It is quite disappointing that they don't put much focus on the ensemble characters. I have to admit, when Tina said in 'Wheels' that she I hadn't even noticed she had one, or at least had forgotten about it.

I do like the ones it does focus on though, so I can't complain too much.
Exactly the same sentiments as Gossi.
Thank you, Jaymii and sarahb! :)
This, and the news that John Barrowman is in talks to be on the show as well (that I just heard about), has me too excited for more Glee.
I other news, I heard rumours that Joss' episode has been preemptively cancelled, but due to fan pressure he's allowed one more to finish off his ideas.
I really, really, REALLY cannot wait for this. Brb, having a fan geekout (gleekout?) moment...

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