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March 04 2010

Amber Benson's "Chance" now on Amazon on Demand. Amber wrote, directed and starred in this 2002 independent movie that also features James Marsters and Andy Hallett. It can be rented for a week for $1.99 or bought for $9.99.

Seriously? I thought this day would never come!

I enjoyed watching Chance, I'll admit. Not the most well-made of films, but it's so much fun to see what Amber, JM, and the late, great Mr. Hallett did on their summer vacation.
I actually went out and bought this the week after Andy passed away last year. It is an off-beat quirky film, a bit rough, but just great to see Amber and James, and Andy really steals his scenes. God rest his soul - we miss you Andy.
Awesome! I've been meaning to watch this forever. I've just rented it from Amazon.
Nice to hear, although I've got my dvd for a long time now. Bought it right from the source. :)

I love this film and have watched it at least ten times.
It is a great film and Andy Hallett is superb in it.
I thought it was a great little film that had a lot of humor and a lot of heart. I actually enjoyed "Chance" more than Amber's second effort, "Lovers, Liars and Lunatics." Personally, I would love to see a "Second Chance" made (if only to see Amber's goofy characters again).
It's loading onto my Tivo as we speak. Can't wait to see it.

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