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March 05 2010

Trailer out for 'Beastly' with Neil Patrick Harris. The movie based on the story of 'Beauty and the Beast' will be in theaters July 30, 2010.

As a fairy-tale aficionado, I think this sounds pretty interesting. And NPH is of course a plus. :)
Hmmm, I dunno (the teaser seemed pretty spoilerific, btw--you can pretty much piece the movie together in your head from the beats they give away, I just can't figure out if one of the leads will die in the end, is all). Peter Krause (Nate from Six Feet Under) and Neil Patrick Harris in the cast spells promise, I think the lead dude might've been in something I liked as well, but...I dunno.

I like fairy tales and modern day updates of fairy tales (when they're pulled off successfully), but it looks just a little too much like something that would air on CW. And the veinyness...I guess they're going for something that wouldn't cause his classmates and family to recoil completely in horror or draw media attention, but I prefer the Beast in this story to look more appropriately beastly.
It doesn't exactly look like Oscar material, but based off the trailer it does look better than I thought it would.
I read the novel the movie is based on a few months ago and wasn't all that impressed, to be honest. But I'll watch the movie anyway for NPH :)
That looks terrible, to be honest.
I agree Frick.

I love NPH with a fiery passion but this is NOT my kind of movie. And I didn't see Peter Krause anywhere in that trailer but I must say, bad choice guys.

NPH is leading man worthy, I don't understand why he gets the "buddy in the background you will see for 2 seconds" roles. But then again, the role he is now doing as a lead - Smurfs Live Action - Sounds horrifying. I dig the Smurfs as much as the next fan but ... live action?? I'm scared.

But I guess whatever gets him paid. I at least have HiMYM & Dr. Horrible to fall back on... and not to forget GLEE!!!
@sasburgerr - my guess is that, while coming out of the closet has obviously not destroyed his career, it probably still renders him less desirable a choice for a hetero *romantic* primary lead. HIMYM he was cast in prior to coming out, and Joss obv. doesn't care, but just generally speaking. Will be interesting to keep an eye out though, in a perfect world it shouldn't be an issue.
I find this trailer intriguing. I think the story has potential, but by aiming it at the teen market, it probably has missed it's best potential. I think this would work really well as a darker more adult movie. That said, I don't approve of the veins. I find them more interesting than ugly, and you can still clearly see the beauty of the face underneath. Will watch for NPH.

Vanessa Hudgens AND Mary-Kate Olsen?

Poor NPH! He's better than this!

It's a teenybopperified/modernized fairy tale update (I like period pictures, dammit) with ex-child-stars and the Disney Channel's last batch of High School Musical stars.

And I didn't really think 'beastly' so much as tattooed punk. Honestly, this beast looks like he'd fit in with any group of spiked Mohawks, tattoo people or pierced people--and nobody would give him a second glance. At least a serious case of bestial features or hypertrichosis would make him a little more unusual/scary/beastly.


And I didn't even see NPH in the trailer or clips.

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