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March 05 2010

(SPOILER) Ron Glass talks to AICN about 'Serenity: A Shepherd's Tale'. A Q&A with Ron about his time on Firefly, and the new comic being written by Joss and Zack.

Wait, Zack is co-writing this now? Did we know this? I didn't know this.
I thought it was just Joss as well, but the article says differently. :shrugs:
I'm sorry haven't heard much about this. When is this coming out? When is the fall in the US? And the article says its a graphic novel. That means, like, more than one issue right?
Great, funny interview - so nice to hear from Ron, and I am so stoked for this comic now!

P.S. - wtf is a "Gohundrom"?

also, Fall in the US starts 22 September this year and ends 21 December

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Thanks F_TB.
It sounds as though maybe it has been written? Or did the Whedon brothers just give Ron the outline, maybe? I've been waiting for this for 2 years now. I hesitate to believe that it will finally be out this year.
I'm stoked, to be sure. I've been waiting for this ever since Ron told us about it on the Browncoat Cruise. But given the long wait and oft-interrupted History of this project, I won't hold any release date to be all that accurate.
@Kaan: "graphic novel" implies that it isn't going to be limited by the monthly comic layout i.e. 22 pages per issue per month. Graphic novel tends to imply something more along the lines of Maus or the trade paperbacks that come out that collect monthly issues of a book into a single, cohesive story (excellent example: Green Lantern: Rebirth, which was released as a monthly miniseries and then collected into a single trade paperback for ease of reading).
Yeah sorry Zelikman, I should have put one of those ;) thingies afterward. I thought this was just another one-shot, but it sounds like we'll get multiple issues. Can't wait!

Simon, it was such a simpler time then wasn't it? Everything was possible! Or is the constant rage at what they did to Firefly clouding my memory?
It's a J-Z joint!

Thus I anticipate it most eagerly.
It's cool Kaan. I've only read bits and pieces of the article, haven't gotten to the bit about the details of the book yet. ;)
Zack just confirmed on his twitter that he is indeed part of the creative team on this.
I have to say as much as I like to read AICN and mostly like their interviews, I don't particularly like this one. I can only imagine how awkward it must have been for Ron. He did however get some good tidbits and was pretty informative, so Go AICN! I'm excited!

Oh, and is it bad that after all these years and rewatches, whenever I think of Ron, I still I don't think Shepherd Book - I think of him as Rod/God in Teen Angel? No? That's good then, because I will probably continue to do that for the rest of my years.

ETA: Corrections.

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I'd rather we didn't call people rude names. It's not what we do here.
I can't wait for this, but I'm still really hoping for "The Wash Cycle".
I guess that means Jim Krueger is off the project? He was the original writer who has been attached for almost the entire 2 years. He was even talking about it at Comic-Con last year. He said that he had just received the final plot outline/treatment from Joss.
Finally, some new news on the Shepherd Tale Book, was afraid it was going to become like Duke Nukem Forever :P.
FWIW, Jim Krueger is also the writer who penned the 8-pager for MySpace Dark Horse Presents which featured Wash shooting down Reaver ships with guns we all know Serenity doesn't actually have. So, I'm not too disappointed if he's off the Book book.
I'm quite pleased to see Chris Samnee art for this. Haven't actually read much by him, I think, but what I've seen looks good.

I also like that they're talking about this as if it's longer than just 22 pages, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high yet.
Well, the original pitch was a three-issue series, a length consistent with some
calling it a graphic novel, although I'm unclear on whether it will now just be a GN, or a mini-series later collected in a trade.
Oh, I remember now--I was confusing this with the Wash story, that one is supposed to be a oneshot.
Well, The first Trilogy, "Those Left Behind" was collected into a TPB, and eventually a Hardback Edition (Marked on the Spine with a Shiny "1").

The Second Trilogy, "Better Days" got as far as a TPB (Still hoping for the Hardback).

So it seems fitting for "The Shepherd's Tale" to be a Trilogy,a TPB, and hopefully, eventually, Volume Three of the Hardback Series.

-All this, of course, happening in a perfect world.
I remember when Ron announced the graphic novel for the first time more than two years ago on The Browncoat Cruise. It was very exciting to be there and hear the words from the man himself, but it seems like it's taken a long time to get off the ground (It's been a long, long time comin', but I know a change is gonna come). Great interview and something to look forward to.

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