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March 05 2010

Zap2It interviews Julie Benz. She talks about Dexter and her 'Desperate Housewives' character. Spoilers for Season 4 of Dexter.

This really should be tagged with spoiler alert and have the description changed for people who don't have showtime and have to wait for Dexter. I was doing really good with not knowing anything was amiss with Rita, and now not so much.
Something is happening with Rita? :(
I added a note to warn people that this includes spoilers for the Season 4 finale of Dexter. It seems overly cautious to officially spoiler tag it though considering it's a few months old now.
Isn't saying "she has no plans to reappear" kind of spoilery in itself? I don't actually know the spoilers but I can read between the lines...
Love Julie (and Rita), too bad she isn't going to reappear on Dexter at all. Looking forward to seeing her DH character.

"Every season [of Dexter] was better than the last?" (comment by the Clyde Phillips interviewer)

Uhm, no. Definitely not.
Well, I did feel this season of Dexter WAS better than the last 2. Hard to compete with season one, but this one may have been on par.

I don't mind Desperate Housewives, but I hadn't watched anything this season until she was added to the cast. I'm enjoying her storyline. Shaking things up without adding some dark sort of "who'd she kill?" plot to it.
jkalderash is right. The tag line itself is a spoiler, thats what I'm saying. Even if it has been a few months, there's not even a release date for season 4 on dvd. But apparently we're leaving it and I just have to think twice about which sites I check.
No need to be snippy. People are discussing it in the thread now so I think it may be of more limited usefulness to change it, but I did.
I still can't get enough of Julie, what a wonderful actress! And yes, I've followed her to DHW. Terrible show, but if it promotes her further, then so be it.
I apologize, Sunfire. I appreciate you changing it, and I'll stop bogging down the thread with semi-off topic chatter.

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