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March 06 2010

Dollhouse season one is coming to Netflix Instant Watch. Like Buffy, Angel and Dr. Horrible, Streaming Soon has announced Netflix is soon going to offer Dollhouse on its instant streaming service.

Streaming Soon is going to cease operation fairly soon, so to keep track of upcoming seasons of Whedon television click here.

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This is Eric, are you associated with FeedFliks in any way?
Will that include Epitaph One?
Sunfire, no I'm not. I just noticed Streaming Soon's tweet about Dollhouse and decide to post it. I added the FeedFliks link as Streaming Soon is shutting down and thats what the post about Buffy coming to Netflix did, so I pretty much just copied it. :P I know it might seem odd that my first and only two post are about Netflix with links to the same two site, but those are the only two things I've noticed worth posting.

Madmolly, I'm 99% sure Epitaph One will be included because the content of TV shows and movies on Netflix Instant Watch is pretty much the same as whats on the DVD release minus the special features.

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I am ecstatic about this. I'm sure this will be a Joss-send for those of us without sufficient funds to buy all the DVDs. Props to netflix for changing our media paradigm.
I agree that Netflix deserves major props for making huge strides in making amazing movies and television programs even more readily available to watch on demand. I really hope they continue their colossal growth. For those of you who don't have Netflix, it has literally been a God send for me. Both with their DVD-by-mail rental service and the Instant Watch program.
Ah ok. Thanks, This Is Eric.

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