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March 07 2010

The Whedon Oscars. Vote for your favorites! Edit: A big thanks to whyiwatch for creating this!

Oooo... Fun. I wish Emma Caulfield was on the ballot for supporting female.
Emma Caulfield is brilliant. I would have voted for her.

I was caught between Alyson Hannigan and Amy Acker for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. I went Amy. What did you guys go for?
Frick, I voted Amy as well. Much as I love Willow, I think Amy was incredible in season 5 of Angel.
For the major awards I went for...

Best Picture: Dollhouse
Leading Male: NPH - Dr. Horrible
Leading Female: Felicia Day - Dr. Horrible
Supporting Male: Fran Kranz - Dollhouse
Supporting Female: Olivia Williams - Dollhouse

Dollhouse isn't actually my favorite Whedon "picture", but I went for it as it's the one I'm most obsessed with at the moment.
I voted for Amy.
It was a hard decision between Amy and Alyson, but I also went with Amy.
Heh, I went for Olivia. Also,

Best Picture: Buffy
Leading Male: Nathan Fillion - Firefly
Leading Female: Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy
Supporting Male: Enver Gjokaj - Dollhouse*
Writing: Joss - The Body
Directing: Jonathan Frakes - Dollhouse
Costume: Shawna Trpcic - Firefly
Cinematography: Jack Green - Serenity

*Supporting Male was the hardest one for me. Enver, Alexis, James, Harry, Fran, Anthony, Alan? Ahh!
Supporting Male was the hardest for me as well. In fact the whole exercise was a wonderful torment. Thanks WhyIwatch!
Man, that was tough. I'm already second-guessing some of my choices. I went:

Costume design: Shawna Trpcic, Firerly
Cinematography: Jack Green, Serenity
Writing: Joss Whedon, Once More With Feeling (though it hurt to not vote for The Body)
Directing: Joss Whedon, Hush (for obvious reasons)
Actress in a Supporting Role: Alyson Hannigan
Actress in a leading role: Sarah Michelle Gellar who absolutely killed as Buffy (I don't think Summer Glau counts as a lead actress as River anyway)
Actor in a supporting role: James Marsters
Actor in a leading role: Nathan Fillion
Best Picture: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The really hard ones for me were best supporting actor and actress. I went with Alyson Hannigan for actress but I think I really chose my favourite character and I'm afraid I wasn't above making my decision on the basis of my massive crush on Alyson Hannigan. Maybe Olivia Williams should have got my vote. As for best supporting actor, that was even harder. Enver Gjokaj was obviously extraordinary but I never got a chance to see him play one growing character who I could come to love. And none of the other actors got the same opportunity to show versatility. I ultimately chose Marsters but on any other day I might have voted for Enver, Anthony Head or Alexis Denisof

I'm far too interested in these fake academy awards
Ooh, that was tremendous fun. Brilliant idea!


I wish Emma Caulfield was on the ballot for supporting female.

Yes, she definitely deserved at least a nomination (if not the win). Though the field was tough enough already. The choice between Amy Acker, Alyson Hannigan and Olivia Williams already was close to impossible (I ended up voting Amy, but I constantly changed my mind between the three of them).

With supporting actor I ended up going with James Marsters, though I couldn't really decide between him, Alexis Denisof, Anthony Head and Alan Tudyk.

(I was very suprised to see Enver Gjokaj ahead in that extremely tough category, though he was one of the highlights of Dollhouse in my book. But I hadn't realised this was on WhyIWatch, which might have explain this result.)

Voted Sarah for female lead (but I almost went with Felicia). And Nathan for male lead (fun to see the overall consensus on that one, though David and Neil are great too, of course.)

Writing was a pretty tough choice between the Joss episodes. If they had taken different episodes Tim and Jane might have stood a chance against Joss, but now it was mostly a battle between 'the Body' and 'Once More with Feeling'. My intial instinct was to go with 'the Body', but I ended up voting on 'OMwF', thinking I'd vote for the Body for best directing (little did I know it wasn't up for that).

Directing was a very close 'battle' between David Solomon ('Out of Gas') and Joss ('Hush' and 'Once More, with Feeling'. I ended up voting for 'Once More, with Feeling' again, but it really could have gone to any of them.

For best picture I went with Buffy.

Thanks whyiwatch for creating this (and eyes of the world for posting it here), it was a lot of fun.

[ edited by the Groosalugg on 2010-03-07 15:18 ]
Seeing Red and Shindig seem so random and are nowhere near in the same league as the Joss episodes on there. If we were being realistic, that category would just be all Whedon.

I mean, Objects in Space, hello.

But very cool idea. Went for team Aly before I remembered the existence of Illyria. But then again Dark/Vampire Willow... They're both such big contenders!

Also, I picked BtVS for best costume design because I really like all of Xander's shlubby outfits. Was that so wrong?
I'm far too interested in these fake academy awards

:-). My votes were very close to yours Let Down. But I had to go Alexis for best supporting actor, because Holy Crap Wesley (though Enver tugged at me too... if Dollhouse had had a longer run maybe) and Amy Acker for supporting actress because of Illyria. Hard choices, fun idea, just wasted more time than I have today!! Now if only we could talk about what they wore to the fake academy awards...
Joss wore that long black leather coat, of course. And Enver Gjokaj caused a bit of a stir by turning up in someone else's body.

(Seconding/nthing the cries of 'argh too difficult' for writing and supporting actor categories...)
This was fun! Great idea.

Choosing between Enver and James in best supporting actor was really, really hard. Ending up going with Enver, though.
"The Body" for writing but not directing??
I completely agree - what a great, fun idea. Not sure about the real Oscars, but I think I'll be pretty happy with the results here, as I somehow voted with the majority in every single category. Supporting actor was the only one that really stumped me - so much quality. I'd happily vote for any of those actors, as well as quite a few that didn't even make that list. As much as I like Alexis and ASH as Wesley and Giles, in terms of an acting performance, I had to vote for Enver.
This was the most fun torture exercise ever!
Costume Design: Shawna Trpcic (Firefly)
Cinematography: Ray Stella (Buffy)
Original Screenplay: Joss Whedon "The Body" (Buffy)
Director: David Solomon "Out of Gas" (Firefly)*
Supporting Actress: Alyson Hannigan (Buffy)
Actress: Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)
Supporting Actor: Enver Gjokaj (Dollhouse)**
Actor: Nathan Fillion (Firefly)
Picture: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

*Had a hard time choosing between my winner and nearly all the other nominees. The only person I didn't immediately want to vote for was Jeff Bell (and not because I don't love that episode-he did a brilliant job). I eventually gave David Solomon the edge because I can recall every single second of that episode with perfect clarity, a testament to everyone involved but none moreso than the director.

**Were we actually supposed to choose between those men?! I went with Enver because egads, that man can seemingly do anything. But it hurt me not to give love to James, Fran, Alexis, and ASH. Literally...

Beyond those couple of mortifying moments where I could barely make a decision that was great fun and a wonderful idea! Thanks, whyiwatch!
While I really liked Enver, part of that was in contrast to some others in the DH cast - he really shone in comparison. Had to go with James, however, as he was acting alongside two great casts (on Angel and Buffy) and nonetheless managed to deliver every single note from big bad to star-struck lover to stalwart companion in a wholly consistent and convincing way. He never seemed to be 'different people', just 'different shades' which is, I suspect, a far more difficult thing for an actor.
If we are counting Summer Glau as a Lead Female Actress in Firefly (not Serenity), I object to Charisma Carpenter not making the list for Angel.

Also, that Supporting Actor's category is downright cruel. Wesley, Topher and Spike in one category? EVIL.

[ edited by CarpeNoctem on 2010-03-07 16:22 ]
Hi, everyone! I'm sorry that I thought of this very last-minute (yesterday). Wish we could have collected votes for at least a week and that I'd had more time to discuss the nominees. Maybe next year we can put together a more thorough ceremony with clips, then stream it all online.

At any rate, you're correct - Emma should have been in the supporting actress category (my bad for forgetting). And yes, I struggled where to put "Objects is Space", but hoped to have non-Joss choices whenever possible so as to keep things interesting.

Lastly, I'm thinking it would be fun if different people could tweet the winners of each category, starting at 8pm tonight. So, if you want to be a WhedonOscar presenter, message @whyiwatch on Twitter and we'll organize the rest. Thanks for playing along!

ETA: I've hidden the results now, so that tonight's announcements can be something of a surprise.

[ edited by whyiwatch on 2010-03-07 17:20 ]
I found these choices to be too random (my favorite episodes of Firefly are Objects in Space and Out of Gas), mostly it was like comparing apples to motorcycles to umbrellas. Basically I love all of Joss' work, all his writers, and all his actors....
That was a nearly impossible ballot! I love them all. Most of my pics came from Buffy, with the exception of Amy in best supporting actress role and Enver for best supporting actor. That was tough though, I was torn between she and Willow and he and Tony Head.

I suppose that I went with mainly Buffy choices because it's my favorite show ever, so when there was a tough choice, I went with it. If I could have, I think would have voted for them all.
Got to echo Intrepid Reporter by saying that this was fun an tortuous in equal measure.

Costume Design: Shawna Trpcic (Firefly)
Cinematography: David Boyd (Firefly)
Writing (original screenplay): Joss Whedon - The Body (Buffy)
Directing: Jonathan Frakes - Belonging (Dollhouse)*
Actress in a Supporting Role: Alyson Hannigan (Buffy)
Actress in a Leading Role: Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)
Actor in a Supporting Role: Enver Gjokaj (Dollhouse)**
Actor in Leading Role: Nathan Fillion (Firefly)
Best Picture: Buffy***

* Probably a slightly controversial choice there, when compared to the others. For me though, Frakes directing really helped the story and gave it greater depth. I find with most of Whedon's work, the directing fades into the background. Nothing wrong with that, but Frakes made something very powerful with Belonging. Though, I probably would have chosen The Body if it was an option.

** A tough category. Anthony Head and James Marsters are very, very close behind, but I felt I had to acknowledge some of the amazing performances put in by Enver. His mimicking of Topher and Laurence Dominic were incredible. I'm really keen to see what he does next.

*** An easy one for me. Buffy is a show that changed the way I watched television. I suddenly realised what a programme can do and what they should do. There may have been other Whedon shows that were more consistent or had better/more high points, but Buffy will always be my favourite TV programme.
Ah, and if Emma had been on that ballot, my choice *may* have been made quicker. Or not. Too many good options, which, I suppose, goes to the strength of the work.
whyiwatch, I can't DM you on Twitter, so posted an @you, instead.
The Supportings were the hardest to choose, given the abundance of talent, but I had to go with Dichen Lachman for sheer range and authority (never a false moment), and I can't decide between Alexis Denisof and Fran Kranz for the tragedy they brought when their characters spiraled down down down.
These choices make my brain hurt. In the good way, but ow.
Seeing Alexis Denisof and Anthony Head on the same list and having to chose only one of them may have been the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my Whedon fandom.
VERY tough choices to make. Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof tore my heart out in "Hole in the World". Had to vote for "Buffy" in the end. "Buffy" started it all and keeps on going like the Energizer Bunny - it keeps going & going..and I'll never get tired of watching.
mostly it was like comparing apples to motorcycles to umbrellas

Hey, you're stepping on my turf there, embers! :)
That's what this was. Agonizing and yet oddly fun torture.
Thanks for putting this together! I did really enjoy it even though I found more time then not the want to be able to pick more than one and myself listening to my heart break for each person I didn't pick that I wanted to pick but didn't pick because the other pick that I ended up picking was really good but I could have picked any pick really because each pick would have been a good pick!
That make sense?
...tough choices on each one though. :/
As somebody else said, it felt like Sophie's Choice! The supporting actor category was the hardest, because they were all extraordinary. The easiest choice was for Actress in a Leading Role. Sarah carried Buffy for seven seasons and probably will forever be associated with the role. All of the others still may have their biggest roles ahead of them.
I refuse to vote in the Best Supporting Actor category. That would be asking me to literally choose between all of my favorite actors from each show. But it just goes to show how impressive the acting was on each series.
If only the other Oscars were as hard for me to choose. This was a wonderful exercise in laying out there that no matter what you nominate for a Whedon Oscar show, your choices will be agonizing.
It'll be interesting to see how Dollhouse fares against the others, I expect it'll get more attention for being more recent (and maybe a touch of sympathy vote), but for me it doesn't really compete with the others in any category.

Most of my votes went to Angel, categories such as best supporting actor were a no-brainer for me with Alexis Denisof up there, others were a difficult choice - including best show. I think Firefly would have gone on to be Joss's best, but its 13 episodes don't come close to what Angel did in its 5 seasons.
I'm liking this open ballot thing. My choices:
*Costume Design: Shawna Trpcic
*Cinematography: Lisa Wiegand, Dollhouse S2
*Writing: Joss for The Body (to those chosing OMWF, are you choosing cause you like the ep. more or cause you think it's better written?)
*Directing: Joss for Hush
*Actress in a supporting role: Ally Hanningan
*Lead Actress: Sarah Michelle (and how is Summer Glau the lead over Gina Torres?)
*Supporting Actor: Enver
*Lead Actor: Nathan Fillion
*Best picture: Buffy

I was trying to think of who would count for the lead actress on Angel and lead actor on Buffy and Dollhouse. I think Charisma Carpenter for Angel, David Boreeanaz has to get a second nod for Buffy and then Tahmoh Penikett for Dollhouse. Wouldn't have changed my voting none, but "it's an honor to be nominated".
The decisions were not easy but I chose :

Best Picture : Buffy
Leading Male : Nathan Fillion
Leading Female : Sarah Michelle Gellar
Supporting Male : James Masters
Supporting female : Amy Acker
Writing : Joss Whedon (OMWF)
Directing : Joss Whedon (OMWF)
Costume Design : Shawna Trpcic, Firefly
Cinematography : David Boyd, Firefly
Woah...that took a while but my votes went as followed:
Costume: Cynthia Bergstrom
Cinematography: Lisa Wiegland
Writing: Joss 'The Body'
Directing: Bell 'NFA'
Supporting Actress: Olivia Williams!! (HBIC!!)
Lead Actress: SMG FTW!!!!
Supporting Actor: Fran Kranz
Lead Actor: David Boreanaz
Best Picture: Buffy!!!
I wonder if the oscar judges share their votes like this with each other?!
Also...apologies...but I have no vote for Firefly...just too much competition!!
rocknjosie wrote:
*Writing: Joss for The Body (to those chosing OMWF, are you choosing cause you like the ep. more or cause you think it's better written?)

Yes. That's to say, they were incredibly close, but it was the writing specifcally that I was judging them on. If it had been about the eps as a whole, I think I would have gone with the Body, but much of what makes that ep so brilliant lies in other factors than the writting: the brilliant directing, the stand out performances of the actors, the lack of music, etc.
The reason the "supporting" categories are so hard is because that's what Joss truly excels in doing: taking an ensemble cast and making the fate and trials of the minor characters at least as interesting as that of the main protagonists.
Did someone kept the nominees listing anywhere? I'd like to have a list to follow.
This detail seems to have gotten missed: the Whedon Oscars are coming to you live on Twitter from whyiwatch. You can just load the page for her account to follow along. Or search for the #WhedonOscars hashtag. No Twitter account needed.
And the winners are...

Actress in a Supporting Role – Alyson Hannigan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Writing (Original Screenplay) – Joss Whedon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (‘The Body’)
Costume Design – Shawna Trpcic, Firefly
Cinematography – Jack Green, Serenity
Actor in a Supporting Role – Enver Gjokaj, Dollhouse
Directing – Joss Whedon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (‘Hush’)
Actress in a Leading Role – Summer Glau, Firefly
Actor in a Leading Role – Nathan Fillion, Firefly
Best Picture – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Thanks to everyone who voted, tweeted, and made this way more fun than I could have expected! For the curious, voter breakdown with shiny pie-charts available here.
This was fun, in that gutwrenching omygodIcantchoose kind of way.

And as always Im quite surprised by, judging by the commentaries, how different people view the shows. That some seems to -hate- one show and realy -love- an other of Joss'es shows.

Sure, I like some, like Firefly, a tad better and are a little disappointed with the sometimes unfocused writing in Angel. But I still consider all of them great shows. After all, they are about more or less the same thing from different angles. Mr Whedon is defenitly an auteur, and it is clearly visiable in -all- his works. And great writing is always appreciated, whatever form it comes in.
Summer Glau?Okay...whatever...
I came in too late to vote, but .... the Buffy movie over Serenity? Seriously???

I would have gone with SMG as best lead actress and Olivia Williams as best supporting actress.
And best supporting actor? My head would have exploded, trying to decide.
I took Buffy winning to mean the series, not the original movie. That's why I voted for it (Angel, not a movie, Firefly, not a movie, etc.).
I came in too late to vote, but .... the Buffy movie over Serenity? Seriously???

Hehe, no, thankfully not.

This will seem bad complaining about the only result that didn't go the way I voted, but Summer Glau over SMG just isn't right. I had writen before about how pleasing it was to see SMG well in the lead, as she often doesn't get the credit she deserves from the fandom. But I deleted it before posting because it seemed harsh to criticise this on an occasion when it looked like she would get some credit.

I was going to go off on a longer rant, but thinking about the fact that SMG was way in the lead when I voted, the most likely explanation is that a Summer Glau related website linked to the poll and it skewed the vote.

Anyway, it's a shame as I don't think SMG gets appreciated enough for her performance and hard work on Buffy. (Don't get me wrong though, I think Summer Glau is fantastic.)

[ edited by NotaViking on 2010-03-08 17:39 ]
I came in too late to vote, but .... the Buffy movie over Serenity? Seriously???

It's Buffy the tv series. Joss' other shows were also in that category.
I voted for a fair number of underdogs to show my appreciation of them, but a lot of my favorites won, so I'm happy.

Enver deserves his win exactly as much as James deserves placing second to him.

Considering how Twitter-based this was... does Felicia know about it?
NotaViking i agree...SMG is very under-appreciated...she carried a show for 7 years as the main character, she had the most amount of scenes and thus hours on set...sure there were some character progressions that weren't favourable, but she didn't write those lines...she didn't direct the entire scene to portray the people in a certain light...if the character isn't likable as a result of their decisions, it's not the actor who makes those decisions!! Yeah you could say that perhaps she could have played it more for the audience...but she played a very broken woman who was burdened with responsibilities and being forced out of heaven by those she sacrificed herself for!! how're you gonna react?!?!
That said...Summer was great in her part on Firefly...but I don't see her as a lead actress...the show didn't seem to revolve around her and her movements and motives...not the way 'Buffy' depended on Buffy and 'Angel' on Angel, or 'Dollhouse' on Echo and her mental progressions...thus I don't believe that Summer is a legitimate choice for the lead actress title...

Sorry for the rant!!
What BlueSkies said above.

Also, there are about 500 more votes for the leading actress category than in the totals for any of the other categories. Mysteriouser and mysteriouser.
Yeah, some of the categories were pretty fuzzy stemming from some apparent confusion regarding which projects warranted nominations (I voted assuming Summer Glau's nomination was for Serenity and not Firefly since she wasn't the female lead.)

With that said, cool beans to whyiwatch for coming up with the idea. It was great fun!

As to the whole SMG thing - it really is a pity how little recognition she gets for her work on Buffy, but it's just one of those things. I chalk it up to the fact that Whedon shows tend to feature such well integrated ensemble casts that it's practically impossible (with a few exceptions) for any single cast member to garner a similar level of appreciation when separated from the whole.

Edited for formatting.

[ edited by brinderwalt on 2010-03-09 00:07 ]
Also, there are about 500 more votes for the leading actress category than in the totals for any of the other categories. Mysteriouser and mysteriouser.

Well that pretty much confirms my theory (or something like that - could have been a few people voting a lot of times). If this is to be an annual event, there's a real danger that it will descend into a rigging contest between difference parts of the fandom. I don't know how you prevent that from happening, but you need to as otherwise it's just not fun. And that would be a real shame as this is such a great idea.

[ edited by NotaViking on 2010-03-09 00:57 ]
It could just be that more people were interested in the "best lead actress" category and only voted for that since it was an option (imo 500 additional votes isn't enough to secure a rigged victory in a web poll of this type, but it is well within the reasonable expectations of the fanbase(s) of the particular actors involved.)
Not sure how many of you will see this, but regarding the Best Actress surprise win, my guess is also that a particular fandom faction mobilized to skew the votes in Summer's favor. SMG was winning by a long shot till at least noon on Sunday. Having said that, I don't see a surge in traffic from any one source (other than this site).

As for casting multiple votes, the only way to do so would've been to clear cookies repeatedly - not impossible, but requiring a lot of dedication.

Regarding staging the "awards" again next year, I'm open to suggestions, including the possibility that this cannot work as an annual event b/c we will simply be repeating ourselves. We could possibly come up with new categories, spend more time deciding on the nominees and even "campaign" for our choices in true Oscar fashion.

One of the reasons this impromptu event worked relatively well is because it was so last-minute that it could not have taken itself seriously. Thus, everyone cut it a lot of slack and people became excited to simply do something other than watch the regular Oscars. If we attempt another WhedonOscars, we have to ensure that all efforts are in good fun, and that we can keep everyone entertained while still remaining tongue-in-cheek.
One of the reasons this impromptu event worked relatively well is because it was so last-minute that it could not have taken itself seriously.

Also, this was a case where we had new blood (Dollhouse) with which to come to (potentially) new conclusions as to the relative standings of past Whedon works. Imo this kind of thing only works when a new item is added to the Whedon canon.
By this time next year we should have seen Cabin in the Woods. And there's a very good chance Joss will have made something else, probably an internet project
Well... there you go, then; sounds good to me!
I came in too late to vote, but .... the Buffy movie over Serenity? Seriously???

It's Buffy the tv series. Joss' other shows were also in that category.
Simon | March 08, 17:40 CET

Thanks Simon, I couldn't get the boxes to enlarge, so it was confusing.
Maybe someday this could grow to be larger than the actual oscars?(it already probably had more views!! *snigger) but yeah i'd defo be down for repeat events...perhaps including the unmade scripts that have been floating around the net...assuming that anyone is as bored as me and reads one will probably even read this...but still...we could vote on best musical performance too!! So exciting!!!

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