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March 07 2010

Newsarama interviews James Marsters about Caprica and Other stuff. Including his thoughts about the new vein of vampire shows.

Thanks. I've been enjoying all the JM press this week and he was stunningly strange on Caprica. Looking forward to seeing more of this character.
Wasn't this already posted?
I think the interview was part of a conference call with the press, whatever that means, so maybe multiple outlets are covering it, each slightly differently?
This seems to be the fullest transcript available so far of a conference call that sounds like it was held this past Thursday. The interviews at USA, SFX and IF are all separate interviews (not part of the conference call).
The conference call was for internet media outlets and was on Wednesday. We got the full transcripts on Thursday. Not sure if this one is complete, but I posted a complete transcript over at SpoilerTV.
It's so strange after hearing his accents in Torchwood, Buffy, and Angel to hear his real one in Caprica. Definitely great to see him back on the screen, though. :)
I really like the way James described Joss's attitude toward vampires. One of the reasons I like the Buffy- and Angel-verse vampires is because they're scary monsters, not shiny sparkly super-beings. Even the ones with souls have a dark side not to be messed with.
Thanks for posting this!
Always a fascinating interview - nothing like a good Marsters ramble. :)
I don't think even this is James' real accent. Yes, it's American. But I think the Caprica voice is pitched lower,slower and there is something slightly southern about it.

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