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March 07 2010

Nicholas Brendon updates his audioblog. He discusses his upcoming meet and greet event next weekend and how there's still time to buy tickets to hang out and have dinner with him. He also discusses future projects, including an animated project. And talks about seeing the movie "Shutter Island", so fair warning for spoilers.

If you don't want to be spoiled for the movie, Jacqui has transcribed his post and put the spoilers under a spoiler tag, so it's safe to read. Another entertaining audioblog, those going to hang out with him next weekend should have fun if his audioblogs are anything to go by.

nicholas, i have yogurt, granola and strawberries all ready to be assembled together and devoured. i prefer blueberries too, but my husband is afraid of them for some reason.

and are we of the same generation? 'cause, i like pepsi.

a quick google confirmed my suspicions that we are not of the same generation; so there you go.

also, i knew the first time i saw the preview for shutter island that that was what the final result of the movie was going to be.

suspicions confirmed once again!
I'm more likely to see "Shutter Island" now that I know the spoilers for it, because I really wasn't that interested before.

I always enjoy and appreciate Nicholas Brendon's audioblogs. Hope a good time is had by all at the meet and greet.

I love diet coke but have stopped stocking the fridge with soft drinks. Is coconut water easy to find at grocery stores? This will take some (fun) field research!

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