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March 07 2010

Neil Patrick Harris DID have an opening song for the Oscars. Seems the misinformation was misinformation.

He didn't say he wouldn't have one. He said he wouldn't have a duet with Martin Short. And, he didn't.
The Master of Misinformation!
I am VERY happy that the misinformation was misinformation.
Exceedingly happy. That was a nice bit of misinformation.
Still think that nothing beats his opening for the Emmys, though. :)
. . . but without Martin Short, NPH did, in fact, "do it alone!"
Now to wait until it shows up on YouTube...
Thank you obstace_2! I'll edit the link to that article.
It's all about Neil! My only complaint, too short. Thank you for bringing old Hollywood back to the Oscars, Neil.
Ah, this made me smile. I'm up far too late writing a literature review that's damn near killing me, so I thought I'd check Whedonesque for a moment, and saw this. :) Happy times, no?

Wish we'd stop seeing the Doogie Howser references in headlines though. Surely he's more famous for plenty of other things by now?
I sympathsie with you MattK. I'm often up til 5am finishing drafts of chapters for my thesis. Something like this helps make it worthwhile
Way to rock the Oscars NPH!
Had I known that this was a real thing I actually would have tried to catch it broadcast from the start. Either way neat though!
Neil Twitters about the misdirection:

Gotta love him :)

ETA: Oh hell, just copy and paste :)

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love me some NPH.
Definitely the best part of the Oscars.
He brought a lot of energy to the performance, as usual. But the song itself was lame. And it seemed even more lame by the flat performances by Steve Martin and Alex Baldwin. They tried, but the writing for them was as bad as the song. I fell to sleep early on. But I was happy to find out that Kathryn Bigelow won Best Director.
sounded like he was actually singing, so that's a plus! And the jokes were intended to be TV audience and actor friendly at the same time, which is the whole problem with the Oscars for me. I didn't watch, got updates from BBC of all places. But, NEIL! yay!
That number didn't seem like much compared to Hugh Jackman's Oscar number...
Since Avatar didn't win Best Picture, the high points for me were Neil's Number and the Commercial for Castle right after the Oscars concluded.
I'm just annoyed that the Oscars still snubbed Serenity.
At first I was so glad to see Steve and Alec... then I longed for their demise by set failure or a big hook to emerge from stage right. Thank God for NPH. Then Steve and Alec came back. And how many times did Jeff Bridges say "man" in his acceptance speech.

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The song was cheesy and the running around made him a little breathless and off-key once or twice. Still... a high point by far :). I think Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr. should host next year (and write their own material).
A world of yes, zeitgeist!! :=)
I love me some NPH, but I thought the performance was meh. Too much running around I think. He sounded like he was trying to sing as loud as possible and his talent got lost in it. I hope he does the Tony's again though.
I watched the Oscars on a live stream yesterday, after spending an entire day at an Oscar weekend at my local theatre, watching 5 nominated features (with the highlight for me being the movie that ended up winning the foreign feature category, El Secreto de Sus Ojos), which meant I was having a lot of trouble keeping my eyes open towards the end there (plus, the fact that the show ended at 6 in the morning here, didn't help things much either ;)).

Also, I saw all 10 nominated features some time this year before the Oscars aired (I managed that a couple of times when there were only 5, but not often), which made the process more fun. But even then the Oscar ceremony was a let-down, as always. Highlights for me were the speeches by Sandra Bullock and the one by the winner of the animated short, who both managed to say at least some amusing things that were not scripted :).

All in all, I enjoyed the ceremony and am happy that The Hurt Locker ended up winning big, and not Avatar - which I loved to bits as an experience and technical exercise, but really wasn't up to par with the rest of the nominated pictures in terms of pure story.
I want to start a petition for zeitgeist's idea, because Tina Fey and Robert Downey, Jr were the high point of a dull and unfunny show. I loved the old fashioned spectacular of NPH's opening number, but it needed the lyrics punched up (made actually funny), maybe one of the Whedons could work on them next time?

BTW I was also really happy 'Hurt Locker' won too.
As a Brit, it was disappointing to see Nick Park not win his 5th (I think) Oscar.

But I was really placed to see The Hurt Locker win best film and director - and the rest. I actually only saw it the night before the ceremony, but it was certainly the best of the six Best Picture nominees I had seen (Hurt Locker, Avatar, District 9, Up, A Serious Man and Inglorious Basterds)

Very pleased that it didn't go to Avatar, which I think most people were expecting. I enjoyed it for what it was, a big blockbuster spectacle, but as a film it was pretty poor. Overly long, atrocious script and mediocre acting are not things I would expect from an Oscar worthy film. I'm amazed it is still no.1 over here. Everyone that wants to see surely has by now and I really can't imagine wanting to sit through all 3 hours of it again.

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I'm not sure most people expected Avatar to win. In fact, the bookies had The Hurt Locker as the front runner for best picture, with Avatar a close second. For what it's worth :).
I agree that it wasn't as good as Hugh Jackman's musical number, but it was better than what Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did. Maybe when NPH gets his new agent we'll have him as a full-time host next year.

I was personally rooting for Up to win, but with how unlikely that would have been I'm glad it went to The Hurt Locker instead of Avatar.

Oh, I didn't know that.

To be honest, I get most of my film news from Mark Kermode. He seemed pretty certain Avatar was so important to the industry that it was bound to win - not that he liked it that much. I just assumed other critics and insiders were of similar opinion. A couple of polls I saw also put Avatar in the lead.

Just glad that it didn't turn into another Titanic, but instead only won the (very deserved) technical awards.
I heard NPH was added last minute, so the song and choreography wasn't done until a few days before. That's probably why it was so so haphazard. But I still flipped out when he was on screen. He really should've hosted, or the Oscars should've really let Steve and Alec do their thing. I could definitely tell that they were holding back and that they didn't write a lot of the jokes. The written ones were painfully obvious and sounded scripted, but the little ad libs were actually funny. Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr. were hilarious! Whoever wrote their jokes should be made head writer of next years Oscars next year, and they should host because their delivery is impeccable.
And Moist was in the Serious Man clip.

Oscar night for Doctor Horrible!
I saw 'A Serious Man' at the Oscar weekend beforehand, and when he turned up all I could think was "dude, it's Moist!" (which I of course turned to say to the one friend who was there who'd also seen DHSAB ;)). It's very good that we're not an English speaking country, because saying "dude, it's moist" in a dark movie theater could otherwise very easily be taken the wrong way ;)

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