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March 08 2010

Amber Benson Video Blogs about Cat's Claw & Buffy. 5 videos of Amber "babbling" to her fans.

The article link is to Vlog #1.

Vlog #2: "Where I explain who Angel and Spike are for the one person viewing this video who is not privy to this information."

Vlog #3: "Where I once again begin the babblefest...and mention my love of Diana Wynne Jones! "

Vlog #4: "Wherein Amber has verbal diarrhea."

Vlog #5: "Wherein Amber reads from her new book, Cat's Claw, and chats about her Amazon Cat's Claw Review Challenge. It's like Double Dare - only without the green slime."

She's adorababble, as always.
"They're like, the yin and yang of sex god vampires." Lol!

Amber is so cute, incredibly honest and endearing.
Always a pleasure seeing Amber!
I'll have to give her books a swing.
Aww those are fun! Hopefully she'll get those reviews soon! I already put in mine!
This really is damned cute.

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