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November 12 2003

Marc Blucas Cast in 'Mission: Impossible III.' "Shooting is currently scheduled for a January start based on a script by Dean Georgaris and Robert Towne, and starring Tom Cruise, Kelly Brook, Marc Blucas and Ving Rhames."

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Marc Blucas = Riley, btw.
I heard earlier this year that he was going to be playing Tom Cruise's brother, which cracks me up. Tom Cruise is what, 5'6"? 5'8"? Marc is 6'4". May have to see this just to enjoy the movie magic they use to create the illusion that they're of similar heights.
Or just go low-budget and have Tom stand on a box whenever they're standing next to each other.
"Your mission, Agent Finn, should you choose to accept it..."

Good for him. I never had nearly the problem with Riley that most everyone else seemed to have, and what problems I did have never translated into my feelings for the actor (I still think he would have made a better Fred than Prinze... anyone seen "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"?). I hope he does well.
anyone seen "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"?

Yes!! I laughed my ass off during that bit. Hee!

Still, I'm not a big fan of Blucas. The idea of him playing brother to Tom Cruise' character strikes me as kind of... silly.

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