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March 08 2010

Evil League of Evil Official T-Shirt now available from QMx. Another Whedon goodie from Quantum Mechanix.

Nice. Tough choice between this and the Axis of Anarchy t-shirt from the Guild.

However this "freeze ray a dog" marketing strategy seems pretty derivative of the Masked Roger's "strangle a cat" approach.
Anyone know what the Latin means in English?
Any chance of the Fray black t shirt she wears? I've seen some with it at cons, but can never find it online...
Roughly speaking, "Seriously Not Good Guys".
The Evil League of Evil
Is leveraging our brand
With merch that we believe’ll
Be in great demand
Since we will go medieval
On any contraband
If you don’t want
Buyer’s remorse
Avoid a knock off
Buy Bad Horse

[ edited by Pointy on 2010-03-09 15:06 ]
That is awesome, Pointy!!!!!!!
I had the Bad Chorus song in my head the second I saw the shirt. So your version of the song REALLY made me smile. : )
In my experience, mossome, nothing strikes fear into the black market like a menacing show tune. ;)

[ edited by Pointy on 2010-03-09 08:22 ]
*lol* Got to have me one of those. Strikes fear in the hearts of puny humans.
Pointy. Dude! You is so the Whedonesque's Poet Laureate.

Well, and also our Gilbert and Sullivan/Sondheimian Dude, too.

That was positively... well, Whedonesque, really.

And this shirt - the Evil League of Evil tee? This is the Doc Horrible-thingy I've been waiting for. The other stuff was okay, but it didn't grab me particularly, and I've been hoping against hope they'd do some official League stuff so I didn't have to go rouge rogue and make something Evil myself.

Although I guess that could've been my Evil Power. But still... I'd rather support the Family Biz in my paltry way.
I love the little disclaimer at the end of the Product Description:

* Death ray resistance is offered without warranty, implied or otherwise, and is based on projected survival rate using a Type 2 disintegration matrix at power level 1.3, intermittent setting. Neither the Evil League of Evil or QMx is responsible for inadvertent disintegration events or spontaneous combustion*

Good things to know lol.
I try and steal from the best, QuoterGal. ;)
Pointy's broadway pun is just another reason why I love this place.
*Frantically searches for own broadway pun. Ultimately abandons looking through punstack in exhaustion.*

Very proud of that one, Cecil, thnq!

[ edited by Pointy on 2010-03-09 21:52 ]
I have to make a confession: Hate black t-shirts. They are impossible to keep lint off of and I also have 2 cats. If only I could get that great ELOE tee in a nice mellow yellow or light blue.

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