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March 08 2010

(SPOILER) Patton Oswalt adds a new chapter to the 'Verse with 'Serenity: Float Out'. MTV article about the upcoming Wash comic. And there's another interview with him about the comic book at Techland.

Even before Dollhouse, Patton bought my loyalty forever with Ratatouille (my favorite Pixar movie, which is saying a lot, since everything Pixar does, they do unbelievably well), so I'm going to have to love this.
Nice plug for CSTS there at the bottom of the article.
Great plug for CSTS, and unexpected bonus story for Browncoats as well. It will be a great June. The killing off of Wash by Joss ("curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal" >smile<) was the most shocking part of the BDM for me as I had came to love the character in the television series. I was shocked into disbelief for the remainder of the movie (even went through the Kubler-Ross 6 stages of grief--well, maybe 3) at my first viewing, but by the third I could, from a detached (numb) critical perspective, appreciate how his death raised the dramatic tension of the film.
[Though I still believe it was overkill--pun intended].
The funeral scene was too brief, however--and this comic seems a long overdue appropriate in-'Verse tribute. Much appreciated.
Heyyyy! Our first post-Serenity story! This is pretty great.
I'll always remember the guy next to me at the May 5th preview screening in Chicago, who screamed "NOOOOOO!" at Wash's death in deadly serious fashion.

And the May 26th screening in Kansas City, where a girl screamed "I hate you Joss Whedon!" when Mal was impaled.

Good times. I'm glad to get at least a little piece of this 'verse back.
You know, a thought's occurred to me in the last year.

Patton Oswalt is a pretty cool guy.

Can't wait for this!
He's gonna make us cry. I'll buy it.
I think I'll be looking forward to this more than I have for any other Firefly comics so far. Patton will do a great job, I'm sure, but I'm so excited to finally get something post-Serenity.
So it's official - this will be canonical? Either way, I'm oh, so excited!! I'm absolutely adding this to my collection. I can hardly believe it will be here as soon as June 2!
Patton's JLA story "Welcome to the Working Week" is well worth checking out.
June's pretty soon to feel so far away. Should be good.

Didn't know he'd written for JLA, might see if I can get hold of that before the 'Serenity' comic comes out.
It's a one shot from around 2003 (I think). It was only when I re-read it last week did I realise that he wrote it.
We need to wait until June?
le sigh.
June isn't really all that much of a wait, all things considered.
I'm officially psyched to read this. Post Serenity story about Wash? After 'the real story on Book', that'd probably be highest on my 'want to read'-list. And now we're getting both. Which, yay :).
Don't forget about the Firefly short stories written by the show's writers. This is a good year for Browncoats.
Yeah, really looking forward to that too. It's still due in April right ? Or have I crossed my wires ?
April? That soon? Have we heard details, like even the title, for that book?
Firefly: Still Flying, by Titan Books. ;-)

[ edited by kernel32cz on 2010-03-09 18:57 ]
Excellent, thanks! I smell a pre-order coming on...

Edit: Hang on, According to Titan, that's a "third official companion". Nothing about new stories. Is that the same book?

[ edited by Niels on 2010-03-09 19:17 ]
Woot, concrete details about the release of the rumored Wash one off and the Book graphic novel in the same day.
Niels: Yes, according to Titan Books (as reported by this is indeed the same book. The short stories included therein will be written by some of Firefly's original writers, including Jane Espenson, Ben Edlund and Jose Molina.
Thanks once more, Kernel32cz!
Am I right in thinking that Still Flying has an intro by Tim Minear as well?
There's another interview over at Techland.

Nice to see in that article that he's reading Day Tripper.
Cool, I'll add that to the entry. Cheers.

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