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March 09 2010

(SPOILER) Telling the Shepherd's Tale. Allie and Samnee on the original hardback graphic novel coming in November.

Have 20th Century Fox ever attempted to license Firefly as a comic book? It's seems curious that they've done it for Buffy and Angel but not Firefly.
For some reason I had assumed that this would be a three issue series, like the other Firefly comics.
Oooh. :D

I might be a little too excited for that. XD But I've wanted to know more for ages. lol. But yeah, I thought it'd just be a three issue thing or something. lol \o/
Well an OGN would suggest at least two issues worth of content?
It's seems curious that they've done it for Buffy and Angel but not Firefly.

Fairly sure I remember Joss saying he didn't think it was suited to an ongoing series (not that Joss' opinion would necessarily stop 20th licencing it of course). Stuck with me because I didn't agree - to me it's one of his richest universes and could easily sustain an ongoing comic (not necessarily with the established characters either).

No offence to any other writers mooted for this previously but i'm over the moon that Joss and Zack are doing it. And I like that it's a hardback graphic novel, that feels suitably "big" for Book's backstory.

(also the "more to come" hints are tantalising in the best way)
Simon, I don't know if it's so much the studio attempting to licence the show as it is show creators showing interest and/or publishers offering money.

I remember that at the time, Scott Allie was game, but Joss wanted to give the show at least a season to establish itself before putting out comics. And we all know how that went.
I could not be more eager to read "The Shepherd's Tale." No. I will not try to be. You ask too much.

ETA correct title, heh.

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This might be the next biggest story to come out of the Firefly universe since Serenity. ;) I'm way too excited!
I smiled ear to ear after clicking the link, when the page loaded and I realized the first picture in the article is the moment when Book finds God.
I've been looking forward to this for a long, long time. Now, if they'll come out with one to fill in Inara's backstory ...
YAY!!!! The only thing I was left unsatisfied with Firefly, was the lack of a Shepard back story. We could all tell that there was a lot going on there, but we were never told what it was. Now the truth comes out -- and I couldn't be more excited! AND it's written by Joss and Zack!!!! Even more great news. I could not be more pumped! : )
Good golly miss Molly, I can't possibly explain my excitement about this book!
FINALLY! This has long been the biggest hole in the stories we've been given of the Firefly 'verse.
I think this is the best thing I've ever read. :P So glad Serenity is getting new things done with it. The Wash One-Shot, Book's Origins, and then the new book coming out soon. Cant wait.
I don't know if I have ever been this happy.
Soup bowl!

Yeah, that image is awesome.
Samnee's own site has character sketches.
I wonder if it's
Those sketches are neat. Mal is appropriately scary when angry.
Missed the two Mals, at first glance I thought they were all of Book (at various ages). But yep, scary fella when angry, you do what he says in that state (i'm actually typing this from inside the vault).

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