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March 09 2010

Short article on Christian Kane's new EP. Brief but highly complimentary piece with info on the album.

This man is so talented I can't decide which side of him I like better. The actor or the musician? I absolutely LOVE the new music. Feels like AGES since his last album (what like 5 years or something since the live in london one).
All the new songs are great but I think my favorite one is Whiskey in Mind. <3 Cute lyrics, awesome beat.

On sale, for those that missed it, at amazon and itunes (don't know how to link to itunes) for $3.39.

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Here is the iTunes link.
Unfortunately it's only available on iTunes US, not in Europe :(
You can buy it though Christian Kane's website , for those outside the US.
I've finally gotten it - and I am a HUGE fan, but I am so disappointed here :(

Part of Christian's appeal (to me) is his rough edges... and this is a hugely overproduced EP. To me, he's lost what made him amazing.

Case in point: 'Let Me Go'. A beautifully vulnerable song... is now Pop/Rock.

Doubt anyone will read this as it's far back, but still. Love him, but saddened at this.

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