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March 09 2010

Ten stars who got their start on Nickelodeon. #3 and #5 are two of our favourite lovely ladies of the Buffyverse.

Jewel Staite was also on this awesome show called Space Cases.
Space Cases was the bomb-diggidy.
I knew about Michelle Trachtenberg, but I didn't know about Julie Benz. (or Jewel, apparently) Am I just a bad Nickelodeon fan or were they on short-lived shows?
I am sure Michelle T would be SO very flattered by that particular picture, ;-)
I didn't even realize that was her in Pete and Pete! But yeah, Space Cases totally got snubbed.
Space Cases was my favorite show back in the day. My number one favorite. I didn't know it was her either, though, until several years after I saw Firefly first.
At the same time as Space Cases, Jewel co-starred in Disney's Flash Forward with Ben Foster (Angel from X3...). One of my favorite shows at the time.
Every time Julie's name comes up, I wonder how much Joss regrets killing off Darla in the Buffy pilot. Idle speculation, I expect.
I still miss Pete & Pete, it was great and Nona (Michelle Trachtenberg's character) was a high point. Are You Afraid Of The Dark? was probably the first horror I ever liked, too.
Oh, yeah. I totally forgot about Michelle in Pete and Pete. I used to watch it a lot when I was a kid. Hee.
I clicked 'comments' to mention Space Cases... *Loved* it, haha. Jewel's hair was badass.

Michelle Trachtenberg was the girl I wanted to be on TV in the 90's- about my age, but extra adorable. Harriet the Spy was a pretty big deal, too.
And Blake Soper from Salute Your Shorts was on the Buffy episode Gingerbread.
Every time Julie's name comes up, I wonder how much Joss regrets killing off Darla in the Buffy pilot. Idle speculation, I expect.

Except that he didn't. Darla died in episode 7, and then was resurrected in the season 1 finale of Angel.
They also forgot Jessica Alba in Alex Mack, Melissa Joan Hart in Clarissa Explains it All, and from All That: Amanda Bynes and Keenan Thompson.

Edit: I mean in terms of big stars, if they were going to go all out. All I'm sayin'.

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Also Blake's band, Rilo Kiley, had a song in the Dollhouse episode "Echoes".
I loved "Hi Honey I'm Home"! Had no idea Julie Benz had had her first major role on that.

I think everybody knew about Alanis and YCDTOT, though.

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