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March 09 2010

Ausiello gives details on NPH's "Glee" appearance! A major Glee spoiler that involves Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Matthew Morrison, and no joke Aerosmith. There's also confirmation that the "Smurfs" role in question is not Gargamel.

All I can see in that Bones preview video is Sam Weir.
There was more on the Glee character Neil Patrick Harris is playing here. Also from Ausiello, but a few days ago.
Ok. NPH. On the JOSS WHEDON helmed episode of GLEE. Singing my favourite Aerosmith song?!?!?!?!?!?!?

This is...this is too much...yet I'm so hurt by Dollhouse's cancellation I refuse to give any of this joy back.
What he says about "The Smurfs" being more clever than one might think makes me... ever so slightly... look forward to the movie.
Since he talked about not playing Gargamel too I added that to the description.
Also an awesome clip of David Boreanaz's Bones 100th episode ... but it's a spoiler so you might want to label it???
NPH tweeted that he started filming the episode yesterday - so Joss is working this week as well.
Soo glad the Aerosmith song is a classic rather than some of the more recent rubbish they could have chosen. Quite looking forward to this now :)
This Smurf's movie seems utterly ridiculous. In the most fantastic way ever. All the news that is slowly coming out makes it sound like a very self-aware CGI kids parody movie thing. I'll definitely be looking forward to it. It has to be more excited than ViewMaster: The Movie, right? In other NPH news, I'm so super excited for Glee. I can't believe the entire first season part as almost finished in the UK. I'm not as buzzed as I was before about the show, but I still seriously can't wait! The months have come around fast.

As for the Bones bit. I really liked the scene. It wasn't over-the-top but I think that's the correct way to do such a scene. I'm more looking forward to the episode now I realise its being narrated by them - Sweet's face is epic.
Granted, I haven't been in all of the buildings at American University, but I'm pretty sure there aren't any rooms like the one they showed in that clip from Bones. Just sayin'.
Just saw this on the twitter feed and thought everyone needed to know, but this was the most recent thread... Well, maybe someone will see it:

"God I hope joss whedon doesn't kill anyone in glee."

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