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March 09 2010

(SPOILER) Giles: A Season 8 Retrospective. A thoughtful and engrossing analysis of Giles' character arc for Season 8. Spoilers through Issue #33 as it relates to an important revelation for Giles' character (along with the Twilight reveal).

Quite interesting. I do think, as someone on the thread smartly suggested, that the roots of this will be traced back to the Pergamum Codex conversation between Giles and Angel from Season 1.

Also, on a tangentially related note, does anyone else thing the most interesting endgame is it turning out that Buffy joins Angel entirely of her own free will - because he was right the whole time? I think there's little way to raise the dramatic stakes better than making it turn out that, because your heroes didn't know something crucial, it turned out they'd been the villains the whole time. Supernatural, a decent show albeit well below Buffy's level, pulled a similar trick in Season 4, to great effect. I'd love to see Joss try it.
I'm so hoping for a good outcome. I couldn't stand seeing my heroes utterly destroyed.

But my biggest hopes are to learn more about the slayers' and watchers' mythology, and the connection between the magical world (in terms of story telling the metaphors) and the real world.
I saw early on the possibility that Buffy was the "bad guy" in the sense that what she was doing was wrong. As the series has continued, I've been more and more sure of that. The series has been way too vague about who the real bad guy was, and since we learned (way back) that Twilight was someone we knew, it made more sense than ever.

Crap, the Pergamum Codex. I haven't thought of that in ages. That would be damn cool, to be honest. I remember my first time watching Buffy and wondering what other prophesies would be in it, then promptly forgot about it for a very long time.
It would be interesting if Buffy joins Twilight freely .... but I don't think it's going to be as simple as he's right, and she's wrong. For a while now I've suspected that the much-foreshadowed "betrayal" could be Buffy betraying herself and/or the other Slayers: joining Twilight could be that moment.

And I love the idea that this could all tie back to something from Season 1. I'm also hoping that the expansion of the mythology will include more info on the scythe and the mysterious watcher-women.

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