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"Do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?"
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March 10 2010

Juliet Landau interviews Sam Anderson on video. Or, to put it in Whedonese, the actress who played Drusilla interviews the actor who played Holland Manners. The newest in Ms. Landau's interview series.

I'm really enjoying these interviews.
More specifically, last time we saw them on screen together, she was about to murder him...
I'm really enjoying these interviews. I love hearing these creators talk about what they do and watching them be themselves. It reinforces how wonderfully skillful they are when they do their jobs. (This was a great interview btw.)

I don't know if these interviews are being shown in the order they are shot or not, but it feels like it. Juliet seems to me to be getting progressively better and more natural with the interviews. Pretty soon she's going to have me ponying up that whopping $2.49. ; )

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