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March 09 2010

Tickets on sale for L.A. premiere of "Drones". The film is directed by Amber Benson & Adam Busch, and stars Jonathan Woodward. The ticket page contains a trailer for the film. The screening is April 13 at the Egyptian Theatre and benefits the educational charity 826LA.

I had kind of been hoping this would be on a day where I could make a trip down, since I haven't done an LA trip since October (and it doesn't look like I can get into the Streamy Awards). But that's a workday. Someone go in my place.
Oh cool. I think I'll definitely go to this.

EDIT: Of course, I'll have to decide if it's worth the 30 bucks to sit below. I haven't ever sat in the balcony. Hrm.

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Jonathan Woodward with a delivery reminiscent of Bill Murray there, looks promising :)
Loved the trailer. And I always suspected something similar (i.e.aliens) was the truth behind the sitcom "The Office." This looks like a lot of fun. Unfortunately it is too long a trip from Maine, but I have so admired the talent, graciousness (and craziness) of Jonathan Woodward since B3, and I have similarly admired and respected Amber Benson (whom I have not had the good fortune to meet), that I will be sure to see DRONES if it makes its way to Maine, or (if not) be sure to purchase the DVD.
Oh, there's Angela Bettis! I liked her movie, May. Drones trailer looks like a lot of fun. Hope I get to see the movie someday. Congratulations to Amber, Adam, and the Drones team.

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