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March 09 2010

Poll - Who is your favourite anti-hero? Malcolm Reynolds, Spike and Angel go head to head with the likes of Dirty Harry, The Cat in the Hat and The Dude in Paste Magazine's Greatest Anti-Heroes poll.

Found it really difficult to choose between Angel, Spike, Mal and Batman but I went with Angel - because I love him and I think he's not going to win anyway so he deserves some love. I'm glad Mal's winning though. :)
Another predictable, obvious Angel vote from one of the more outspoken Angel fans in the fandom. LOL.
I went for Spike. Nearly went for the Wire character, but Spike ultimately has it for me.
I went for Angel for the same reason as Shep. I don't think he'll win, but he needs to at least be noticed. : )
Yeah I voted for Angel as well but also doubt he will win.
Well, the only one whos beating us is the Terminator,...just a few more votes and Mal will be in the lead.
Adding Balthier or Auron into the mix would have made it very interesting indeed but I went with Angel in the end.
Thought I was going to vote for Mal, but ultimately I had to give my vote to Al Swearengen.
Had to go with Mal!

Some other good choices though.
Homer Simpson? REALLY?
Spike, of course. Only Mal was a close second.
Hmm, I'm torn between Spike, Jack Sparrow and Omar Little. Maybe they should wrestle it out. There could be oil of some kind involved. And rum.

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Spike, second choice The Dude!
Went with Angel, though Mal was a very tempting second.
Although I love that three Whedonverse characters made the list, I had to go old school and vote Han Solo. Tell me Mal DOESN'T remind you a bit of Han?? :)
I don't even have to look at the rest of the list. I love ya Mal, but Spike.
Mal. Hands down.
...Batman. Sorry - no contest. :}
they made me choose between Batman, Han Solo, Mal, and Mad Max, it was tuff, but Mal won in the end
This and the WhedonOscars has reenforced just by how much Buffy is my favourite Joss show. I went with Spike
Jack Carter.

... who qualifies more as an actual antihero IMO (as opposed to some of these who're just gritty heroes). Despite what the page says, to me antiheroes aren't just "heroes with flaws" (since i'd argue ALL interesting heroes have flaws - nearly every sufficiently lengthy depiction, from Homeric myths on up, of even the most traditional hero shows them as having flaws) but heroes or protagonists who don't have many (or sometimes any) of the qualities of a traditional hero. Greg House for instance is grumpy and acerbic but otherwise he has numerous traditionally heroic qualities (he's courageous, he's clever, he's honest, often to a fault - except when he lies ;), he's, nowadays overtly and previously in his own twisted way, selfless etc.) - saying he's an antihero mistakes being nice for being heroic IMO though I guess it's more a spectrum than a clear-cut either/or. Not really sure what Deckard or The Dude are doing on there either (among others).

Dexter is another actual antihero (certainly early Dexter) but from this list (i.e. using their definition), even though some/most incarnations are borderline non-qualifiers, Old Long Ears beat him and Mal into 3rd and 2nd places. Batman 4 EVAH ;).
I'm firmly in the Angel camp, but had to vote for my captain.

Someone should tweet this to Nathan - his former character is getting his butt handed to him by a robot. A scary robot, but a robot nonetheless...

Though it was hard to choose between three favorite Whedon characters.
Tough croud, but I had to go with Dexter Morgan.

Surprised to see both Homer (Simpson) and House (Gregory) had 0% of the votes.
Angel feels more hero than anti-hero to me (despite the lawyers in the cellar), and although I love Spike & Mal to bits, I had to go with Omar for his special blend of thug & hero.
Jeez way to torture me - Mal, Angel, Spike, Al Swearengen and Omar - so tough to choose. These guys are amongst my 'greatest of all time' characters. I went with Angel.
He shot three unarmed men in Serenity, and still managed to be a heroic character.
Mal all the way!
I love me some Mal Reynolds, but c'mon, he's no Batman. I definitely didn't expect to see Arnie's Terminator in the lead, though - didn't think he had much of an online fandom.

And when I think of anti-heroes, I think of action or comic book heroes, so The Dude and The Cat in the Hat seem like odd options.
Jack Carter

The comedian?
He's from Get Carter, the Michael Caine flick. Amazing film.
Yep, a long time favourite of mine, classic movie with an all time classic score. Pretty much the definition of anti-hero too IMO - the things he does are terrible and starkly, unsympathetically portrayed and the only reason you might root for him is the why of what he's doing (and even then, it's not as morally clear-cut as simple revenge, there's also maybe an element of ego, of "No-one does that to Jack Carter and walks away").

The comedian?

OK, the other Jack Carter ;).

edited cos two reasons are good in an argument but bad in the same sentence

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Joss characters? Spike, no contest. Then they had to throw Al into the mix. That's just mean, man.
Had to go with Angel for reasons listed above ... don't think he'll win but he deserves to be recognized. If he wasn't on the list it would have been Han Solo for me.
I did the shanshu boogaloo--Angel all the way!
Tough choice. Had to go with The Dude.
Gotta go with Spike. Although it was a tough choice between him and Mal.
Man what a difficult choice because l pretty much liked everyone on the list. l went with Batman, next to Angel no does dark and brooding like the Gotham Knight.
I definitely didn't expect to see Arnie's Terminator in the lead, though - didn't think he had much of an online fandom.

A re-programmed terminator (take your pick which model) really is the epitomy of an anti-hero - minus the human component - since it is a character designed to be evil filling the role of a hero with no actualchange of character (ergo an anti hero.)
Very difficult decision between Mal, Omar, and Gaius Baltar. Had to go Baltar though. One of the greatest characters in TV history, especially in the first two seasons of BSG
Cripe-us, that thing looked like the CA gubernatorial ballot the year I voted for Larry Flynt.
Tried to vote for several of these admirable gents, but in the end I think the Black Spot went to the un-trusty ol' Sparrow.
(Rum not quite gone here)
Do we get another go tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow? 'Cos, you know, Angel, Mal, Spikey...
Voted for Mal. Just 'cause.
Spike for me :)
This is a hard one. IMO, the problem with the Whedon characters that appear in this poll is that, no matter how they started, they all have wound up being more hero than anti by a factor of - whatever a large factor would be. This is not a problem problem! Just an anti-hero-poll problem.

Travis Bickle, on the other hand ...
The comedian?

Actually The Comedian would have been a good choice.
Looks like Mal is in second. ^^
I'd say Wesley, actually. Post season 3.
Actually The Comedian would have been a good choice.


And yes, he would.

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